British Airways Needs To Fasten its Reputation

The long standing tussle between British Airways’ and the trade union Unite’s seems to be a never ending affair with no sign of breakthrough. BA’s Chief Executive, Willie Walsh, is been criticized for his tough stance on cabin crew travel issue and for his relentless refusal to allow peace a chance. Though he claims the strike action by cabin crew is “a failure”. On the other hand Unite Union Chief, is reported to have flown out of UK with his family for vacation at this hour of crisis. So all this drama gives this  general feeling of a unholy nexus between the BA and Unite chief.

Traveling by BA is skeptical and may effect your itinerary or even expect a particular flight is canceled. Passengers are even cautioned to counter-check refund and re-booking options and also advised to look at other flights.

As this drama continues the brand BA has taken a huge beating besides losing customer’s faith. Though they announced about having proper back-ups in place and will operate additional flights to keep up with the demand, but, will this help BA as a company that is concerned about its employee and customers.

The U K’s flagship carrier, once the pride of UK had set a standard for quality, style and service. They even claimed to be “The World’s Favorite Airline”. Let’s face it; BA is undergoing a crisis management so they should now concentrate on how to bring back that old faith the quality, integrity and operation.

Reputation Management finds Google search queries suggest “BA Strike” as first. Better late than never they will need to do some brainstorming to get out-off troubled waters to salvage their reputation both online and offline, after all every second passenger hits the Internet to see whats cooking