Should companies bet on social media marketing?

Companies are mulling over the pros and cons of social media marketing – the top dollar invested in Facebook and Twitter to be precise. As an active tweeter I’d be the first to admit that paid tweets and tie-ups with NBC for Olympic tweets etc, sure seems a cop-out in Twitter’s free open platform format objective. However, let’s discard my indignant views aside for a moment and look upon the situation from a company’s point of view; and yes there’s more incensed thoughts there…

You pay to get ‘paid tweets’ – top billing, and yet there’s no end to the negative comments and trolls. And as for the actual revenue gained from these promoted tweets or Facebook Ads its anybody’s guess; in fact, its as mysterious as how Joseph Gorden-Lewitt’s character “just knows” Bruce Wayne is Batman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Twitter has marginally overtaken Facebook as the marketing channel to be in, in the wake of Facebook going public and the haziness as to how much the ads work for companies. It does not help that Facebook, as recently revealed, has more than 80 million fake users!! Continue reading “Should companies bet on social media marketing?”

Justin Beiber Reputation, Brand building & Marketing via Social Media

If there’s one person trending worldwide on Twitter daily like clock-work it’s Justin Beiber! Justin who? Well, its not long before you realize that he is a 16-year-old who has become quite the rage among school girls and social network savvy teendom. While the rest of us may feel a little pained to see someone like him ruling Twitter daily, a little research and you realize this is a great PR story!

A marketing campaign like no other built up the ‘brand Beiber’. It all began with a couple of video clips on YouTube by his mom. These were seen by a few teenage girls, picked up by talent spotters on the prowl on YouTube along with Twitter doing its bit to help.

And today if you type ‘Justin’ on Google and you’ll see ‘Beiber’ being suggested before ‘Justin Timberlake’, another child star who made it big.

Within a short time Beiber has been to the White House, been on Oprah and his music video is the third most viewed of all time on YouTube! Well, any PR person or ORM expert knows this is the ultimate to aspire to both online and offline.

Safe to say, Justin Beiber is a classic study in the power of social networking sites in brand building and sustenance. Have to admit I’m  yet to listen to a Beiber number, so will refrain from commenting on that and of course escape the wrath of his screaming teen fans! 😉

Reputation Management for Social Media

Social Media Marketing, is a form of INTERNET marketing which seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals by participating in various social media networks. As it is a direct conversation media there are chances of getting negative feedback. Before you dive in to the deep end of Social media networks there are certain things to be recognize. Some issues are related to how you should respond to the negative feedback and some are related to avoiding it in the first place or preventing it from rising up in the future.

The first thing you need to realize is that when you enter a social media network, you are seeking your target audience. This is an ideal ground for you to apply your marketing skills, but the feedback may be positive as well as negative. Marketing the core idea of what you have to say to people who are completely uninterested, will lead to negative comments. Unfortunately this approach probably would also create a black mark to your reputation. Such activities turn down even the reputable marketing campaigns. This will make it difficult to transmit the necessary information. So make sure that you are getting the right information to the right people so that you won’t upset the users who visit your site.

When you enter this social media network, there is no doubt that you are going to create negative feedback. Definitely there will be someone that doesn’t appreciate what you have to say. Go ahead, accept it and think how best you can use it. On one side you should make sure that they don’t affect your reputation and also you don’t need to overreact. A negative comment can still provide a push for meaningful conversation that can work in your favor. Select your battles wisely. And if you like to engage in a battle, make sure that the topic is worthwhile. Petty arguments are not good and can actually be more damaging.

While you do not want negative comments, they can be useful and at least provide you with a judgment about an opposing position on what you support. Don’t be afraid to enter into social media marketing. Just make sure that you are following a good plan of action and are not immersing uninterested people with valueless information.