SEO – A Part of Your Reputation Management

If you own a business, no matter what you deal with, your ultimate intention will be to have a growing revenue with a list of happy clients/customers. So the point is your business needs to have a strategic marketing in place to let others know about it. So if it’s online the buzz word is  SEO. An essential part of every business-  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial, because it’s effective when you are promoting your business online.

Naturally not everybody will be happy with your business and that leads to the creation of one or more unhappy customers, which is not a good sign. Remember one unhappy customer can give your business a bad name. The funniest part is that Internet being an affordable place, anyone can post anything at their will, and thankfully there are plenty of ways to air comments. So it’s tantamount important for companies to have a tool that allows to monitor negative contents.

Bad comments or reviews are not new to businesses or individuals, in fact people love to comment on anything, which they are not happy with. They say ‘A happy customer will refer you to one, but an unhappy client will literally blow it out off proportion at every given chance to speak.

Negative comment if posted, bookmarked or tweeted; lets be sure it will show up in search engines. Anything that invites maximum hits tends to remain on search engines, unfortunately if your own official website ranks below that, fasten your seat belts, you need reputation management before it turns your business the other way round.

How Social Media can shape Reputation Management

Most of us think that reputation management is all about responding to negative comments and pushing them down the order in Search engines. But we feel negative comments; good or bad, puts the message loud and clear if somebody is not happy with your brand.  It gives you a chance to know what is being said about your company.  Before you sit down to shield your reputation, be patient and analyze what is it all about, and if it is true put them in order and implement those changes.  It makes sense to let the customer feel that you care for their opinion; the move will improve your online reputation.  Otherwise, it will be a to- and-fro endless battle of defending your repute.

The social media plays major role in reputation management, guess what? all the good and bad things about your business are out there in matter of time. Termed as the most easiest and powerful way to tamper your online reputation social media is here to stay.  On the other hand it becomes more like a place where you get the feedback about your brand faster than other sources. So guess if the convenient social media has the provision to cross-connect with other social media the reach will be immense. In that case you have one message across the web rather having to put them in bits and pieces in several other websites. So the more convenient it is the more lethal it becomes and the viewer ship is just immense.

We, here at Reputation Management understand that the growing popularity of social media has more to it than what meets the eye. If your brand name happens to be there for any reason, make sure you heed to what is being said about you. And on the contrary if you ignore this feedback you are in trouble, and no matter what, once the issue spirals to other areas and then to forums it will invite more viewers. And the fate of your business and the reputation is all based on this feedback, which is something you do not want.

Online reputation management is all about managing your online presence and this includes monitoring and participating in the social networks actively.

Constant monitoring to manage your Online Reputation

When talking about Online Reputation Management(ORM) we mean monitoring web 2 media like; blogs, social forums or network or video streaming sites for negative content. So how do you defend your product or organization when somebody is beating you blue with all that negative comments. Needless to say negative comments severely dent the reputation of an organization and the brand.

It’s a global phenomenon – positive or negative if attracts million hits will always rank on top. We need to understand that negative comment comes in all notorious forms and languages, type ‘Microsoft sucks’ on Google and see for yourself. So it becomes extensively important to protect your brand when consumers/competitors have larger ground to air their views.

Pushing down negative comments on search engines is what most Reputation management companies do, but it’s a temporary solution while the issue is still at large. So in our opinion relegating negative comments monitoring along with brand content optimization is the best option. Branded content in the search will stave-off negative contents.

Constant monitoring becomes very important to manage your online reputation. But how do you keep track about all that bad mouthing your new product gets? Setting Google or Yahoo alerts can be handy. Searching with adjectives or modifiers like “sucks”, “worst”, “bad” with your keyword will give you a better idea what others think about your product.

Implementing manual monitoring will be more effective to check results. A tool in place that would alert the business owner if there is any negative comments about the product out there will be great. You will be able to check the authenticity of the negative comments and take action immediately if urgent.

Employing proactive monitoring system enables you to get an insight about the content and the customer’s understanding about your brand. This further will let you interact with the customer directly and sort issues amicably. Your instant action can save your product identity, and let Reputation management be a part of your best practice.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Online Reputation Management For Individuals

Managing your reputation online does not mean that you are a celebrity or you own your business or you are a well known public figure. Each and every person should manage your reputation online, and track what people are saying about you. Just keep these things in mind before you are going to say something about you, or your friends, or family online.

The Do’s

Always think before you write something

In our world everyone is free to write what they like, but when you write something about your friend, your words may be harmless by your point of view. But that may affect your friend and affect his/her reputation. Always keep your language clean and don’t insult any one through your posts.

Track what people say about you online!

It is not a must that you should update your blogs for several hours in a day. But you should spend some time weekly once or so, to study about your online reputation. You have to check what people say about you online in order to manage your reputation.

Market yourself wisely

You may not be comfortable talking about yourself online, but you can market your special skills,experience etc. wisely, and that will gather good size audience for your blog or website. But what you should really take care is to maintain honesty. For instance, if you don’t speak French then don’t say that you do.

The Don’ts

Do not complain about your job online

You might have heard this several times that people lost their job because they complained about their job online. Those people doing so never realize that everybody can read what they write online, that may be your boss or co-workers.

Don’t write bad things about people online

People like to write negative post or comments about other people. A lot of people feel more comfortable writing bad things about others from the privacy of their homes. You might have noticed everybody is doing it. But try to avoid this mistake.

Watch out for the pictures you post online

The pictures you post online are viewed by different people with different perspectives. Do not post those you find are too personal to you. While you think of posting a picture online have on mind that those pictures are going to stay online and viewed by the public for a fairly long period or possibly forever. So there are chances for it to affect your reputation.

Your online reputation can be well managed by being careful about the stuff you post online. The more honest and productive information you post the more it will favour your reputation.

Real Estate Reputation Management

Nowadays real estate plays major role in every countries growing economy. So just when you are planning to initiate a huge project and things are fine, you find less takers for your dream project. The online business has become very vulnerable, just a click of the mouse and your company’s reputation will come down tumbling. This can be the act of disgruntled competitor or customers, so what happens when potential customers find hard criticisms while searching for your company.

No doubt these types of negative propaganda will do immense damage to your profitability as well business especially when they appear on the first page of google. However, there are ways to counter them by applying solution through reputation management experts. One of the few things to be taken care doing so is by continuously monitor what others say about you online. Counter them through continuous dialog in the comment section where the negative source is posted. Set alert in your company’s name so that any comments posted comes to you first. Put us a note and we will help you how to counter negative comments that could potentially damage your business.

Interesting Ideas to Boost Your Tourism Business

Today, the general scenario is that to even decide the vacation destination, the tour package and the tour company which suits you the best, holidaymakers resort to the Internet and other online searches. For planning good trips and to purchase attractive travel packages, most vacationers opt for those sites which enjoy a good reputation in the industry as well as have good search engine results. No wonder why all tourism companies out there work towards building their reputation online.

There are many sources in the Internet like travel forums where we can post our opinions, comments and photos about the various tour and travel packages offered by different tour companies. Negative comments posted about a particular tour company in the forums will result in an adverse impact in search engines and finally the company’s tour business gets affected inspite of the fact that they carry out all other duties almost perfectly. It is a real difficult and impossible task to manage your reputation online taking into account the various and huge number of negative opinions and comments which contribute to plummeting its reputation.

So, if you really want to build the online reputation of your tourism promoting company and are worried about the negative posts as well as negative forums, there is good news waiting for you. Call us at +44 (0)871 789 6200 or send us an email to regarding all your queries and problems related to the online reputation of your company.
We are always there when you need, ready to help. We can help you in regaining and building up your online reputation by adding more positive contents, comments, ranking and lot more things which can gift your site increased traffic. Build your online reputation with us.

Online University Reputation

Now a days, even on your search for top rated universities you can come upon many sites which show negative comments posted. The ultimate result is that the reputation of those universities will get affected. Due to this, the rating of these well known universities plummet notwithstanding the good reputation they enjoy in the real world and it brings a negative effect about them on the web.

Its quite natural that when a person experiences a good service they often forget to post a positive comment. But when they receive something below their expectations for the money they pay, they tend to remember the fact and turn out expressing the same in the form of strong negative comments. It is mainly because of this negative criticism that the good reputation of universities are affected negatively inspite of them having a lot of other positive qualities.

We here at reputation management can very well understand the declined impact about your university due to these negative content and comments. We can help you manage these issues and aid you in getting a positive online effect by means of good content coupled with lots of hard work. So keep your worries about negative content away! Get in touch with us and be satisfied with a good result.