Facebook Timeline and Reputation Management

Facebook has finally rolled out the Timeline for all and all you have to do is go here and click ‘Get it now‘. The FB Timeline comes with a seven day grace period to delete stuff that you did (videos, photos, status updates) that you don’t want to be on your Timeline. Warning – When you first see the Facebook Timeline… you are in for a SHOCK!!

What you will see is every single thing you did since joining Facebook neatly arranged under a timeline of years and months. For users who have made the cheesiest status updates and other cringe-worthy quips( in hindsight) it will require a dedicated period of time to go back and decide what should be highlighted or removed from the timeline before its published for all to see. Yes, there is a ‘Publish’ tab to click after doing the necessary changes before the timeline goes live. So what are the advantages? Continue reading “Facebook Timeline and Reputation Management”

Anatomy of a modern-day political PR campaign in India

The Anna Hazare fast, now that’s its over, was a nifty PR campaign and a great political one at that. While the 74-year-old Anna with his 12-day fast resembling the many fasts that Gandhi made for the country before and after independence has become an icon; ‘Team Anna’ walked away with PR success.  Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and other popular people like actors Anupam Kher, Om Puri and Aamir Khan all made up the PR machine behind the scenes for Team Anna.  Continue reading “Anatomy of a modern-day political PR campaign in India”

How not to tweet during a tragedy – Co. Reputation Management Lesson!

‘Yet another talent lost early’  as tributes to Amy Winehouse pour in, there are quite a few shameless self-promotions going on out to market her sudden death. This post is not to serve as an eulogy to Amy but to point out to companies how not to market on their official twitter accounts during the death of a celebrity.

‘Should Traffic Ever Trump Taste?‘  gives two examples of  such behaviour and we pick the Microsoft UK PR twitter handle post – and yes they were crass enough to post this…

Clearly their later apology and tribute did nothing to cover up the real intention of the tweet.

This is a great example of how not to be a PR handle on Twitter and clearly puts Microsoft UK  in a bad light, despite the opportunity of increased sales of Amy’s music. Definitely a big ‘thumbs down’ from us here at Reputation Management For.com.


Social Media if not handled properly can wreck your reputation

In this era when everything is decided online and just a click away, social media is one such thing that comes as handy. One negative review if failed to deal with can give you nightmares. A recent survey conducted in the UK reveals how major companies believe that Social networking is a ‘big issue and a potential risk to their brand and reputation.

Reputation Management For.com has noted an interesting factor, that most companies do not have a social media button or twitter streams on their websites. Companies fail to realize that social media is more than marketing since this medium determines key business judgments today.

Something that comes quickly to the mind is the Vodafone twitter gaffe, and how a customer service staff by mistake posted an obscene message on the company’s twitter account. This caused the company to issue an apology to thousands of its followers. Though Vodafone acted quickly and deleted the tweet, but users were quicker and saved a copy and circulated it on the internet. The point is one wrong move and it spreads like wild-fire on social media. So this is one example to say how companies need to ascertain to counter and monitor social media. Continue reading “Social Media if not handled properly can wreck your reputation”

Tony Blair memoir and celebrity fixation!

Former heads of state are increasingly showing their frustration of having the limelight leave them. While all of them would worry over their legacy, the latest breed of former Prime Ministers and Presidents are looking upon themselves as celebrities. While most go onto forming foundations and world peace projects and massive libraries like the US presidents – it seems they all want to continue making world deals. And nothing packs a punch like a tell-all memoir!

Tony Blair’s autobiography, ‘A Journey‘ has had a Facebook campaign on to banish it into the ‘Crime’ shelves of bookshops. Eggs and shoes flung at Blair in Dublin all continue to show that on home-ground his popularity remains low and no amount of candid thoughts on people are going to get him out of having gone to war with Iraq.

The interesting thing here is how politicians are enjoying their celebrity status and like a celebrity memoir would do Blair wants to distance himself from Gordon Brown and even goes on to call his successor a few names. Spice is nice, so throw in a bit of gossip about the Royals and you have a best-seller from which he will not take a penny, no sirree!

Nowadays after national politics all former heads of state look forward to an international career. Well… they know all the leaders everywhere and look forward to continue keeping their career in the limelight. And nothing like a tell-all memoir to settle some old scores and re-launch yourself into active public life.

While celebrity memoirs are usually taken with a pinch of salt, PMs’ and Presidents’ autobiographies are studied at length and Tony Blair seems to have achieved BROWN(ie) points (pun intended) for his candidness even though he seems to have kept to his views on Iraq and Bush.

From a reputation management angle Tony Blair’s ‘A Journey’ may well be a start to more candid autobiographies from heads of states; celebrity candidness cleverly merged with legacy management and even a few pot-shots at some old rivals may soon be the norm.  In fact a memoir is a nothing but double winner for both reputation management and PR, really!

Why Reputation Management is not Reputation Laundering!

Reading this guardian article – ‘PR firms make London world capital of reputation laundering’ is alarming but then I have a few thoughts about this. For one I agree, PR companies may unscrupulously try to airbrush problems of their clients in every way possible, this is true. But, the one glaring thing about this exposé is that no country known the world over for human rights violation is going to get a ‘squeaky clean’ reputation handed over on a platter. No way!

However, the lure of representing a country over companies can itself be a huge temptation for PR firms. The challenge is bigger, the coffers are open and the opportunities are immense. But then, this re-branding purely on a PR basis will not last long, not with WWW keeping everything safe and freely available for years together.

This why we say – ‘PR is out and Reputation Management is in!’ Reputation management is not about purposely going about altering the reputation, or to put it in a ‘newsy’ way, doing reputation laundering for clients. We attempt and succeed by being an on-going process and the efforts are put in to highlight the positive changes being made by the client.

Reputation management is about pushing negatives down the search engines and is never about erasing incriminating results. Any amount of re-branding is half-done without reputation management backing it all up regularly. We’re here to help tide over the bad rep, albeit in a slow and steady manner. And we believe everyone including individuals, companies or countries, for that matter, need another shot at rebuilding reputation.

I’m sure Germany agrees, though some tags are branded into a country’s skin in the collective psyche of the rest of the world. So, yes African regimes and autocratic governments or even China, Russia, India, Pakistan or even US or UK have the right to re-brand themselves through PR, but it will be reputation management that will finally succeed!

What can reputation management do for you?

Reputation Management services has become a key aspect for almost all companies. This dynamic service is coming to be regarded as a major boon for all businesses, brands, individuals and products who were victims of this so called reputation crisis. Your company’s reputation might be immaculate at present, but one can’t predict when the situation turns around.

Reputation management services might be something new, but in such a short span of time it has proven its mettle and has got recognition globally. From politician, sports personalities, celebrities, companies to doctors have all embraced it as yet another aspect or PR. It can’t be denied that many companies and brands are benefited with the effective tools of reputation management. No matter its a small business or a Fortune 500 company, reputation management service is meant for all.

It is debated that, the results of these reputation management services comes gradually and not in a haste. Well, to bring your reputation up is a systematic process needs patience, as this is a sensitive area. To promote a brand or key phrase and to optimize it correctly asks for time, and to further push down the negative results and at the same time bringing up positive contents needs a concrete strategy and proper allocation. Meanwhile the use of a pro-active SEO campaign is a smart way to bring up your brand image and reputation in search engines.

Many companies argue that, its really pain staking to sit and watch all negatives about the business, even after resorting to these reputation management services, but they have to understand the sensitivity of the issue. Reputation management campaign works as a process and it slowly weaves a positive image for your brand, making sure the credibility of your brand or company is never lost.

How it works :

After analysing the position of the company online, with the help of the articles, web pages, blogs and  pictures, the reputation management plan is designed.  After judging your present status online and by knowing how people perceive you, the repair works of your online reputation starts off.

As we all know ‘Google’ does an index of new pages fast, so by publishing blogs, web pages and articles about your company we can bring the positive side of your business. As your page gets cached by Google, you can work more stringently to rank those pages on the top searches. It can take a minimum of six months to get the results, but at the end of the day you are satisfied with what Google is coming up with about your company or brand . You have more control of your reputation and that makes all the difference!

Fame comes with a price – Social conduct and celebrity reputation!

Do you ever think before you act? If not, then better develop a habit of doing so, especially when you are a celebrity or known personality. Your behaviour has an immediate impact on your reputation, it might sound clichéd, but practically it makes a huge difference to your image and reputation.

Usually in case of celebs such reputation disasters occurs when misconducts or anger tarnishes their social image. Being vulnerable, a single false move can bring down the reputation drastically.
Behaviour and social conduct has a lot meaning and value when it comes to celebrities. Always in the limelight, these so called stars are social figures and their acts are watched by millions. Any bad conduct from their end can be axing their own feet. In many instance it has seen that, how celebrity image has fallen down by their misconducts or offensive acts. Whether it’s by being rude to the media or by having a foul mouth, violent behaviour in public is simply disgraceful.

Some of the offensive acts by the celebrities:

  • Lindsay Lohan was recently charged with carrying “contraband” found in her wrecked car.
  • Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving on a suspended license.
  • Mel Gibson verbally abusing and slapping his girl friend.

Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University said “Celebrities behaving badly is certainly not an uncommon thing to find throughout history and it is certainly not going to fade away.”

To maintain and protect your reputation today is far difficult than the hardships you faced to gain that fame, as the adage goes, “With great power comes great responsibilities”. In the same way, it asks for great responsibility to sustain that fame and glory.

However, if you are looking to rectify your flaws, then we at Reputation Management For.com suggests, a concrete PR strategy and reputation management plan, which will help you to repair your lost image and resurrect from the damages. Reputation management even helps you to manage and enrich your reputation, and also helps to keep track of the status of your reputation. Celebrities and social figures are recommended to shield there reputation with a systematic reputation management plan, especially at a time when social networking has given people the space to air their views easily.

Can the Mel Gibson reputation ever recover?

Mel Gibson is once again in the news, well this time again not for his celebrity image, but the ‘Brave Heart’ actor seems to have lost it all. Gibson has been accused of slapping his ex-girl friend, Oksana Grigorieva twice on her face. If this was not enough, then the recorded racial slurs made by Gibson has put him in probably the worst backlash ever.

The list of charges don’t end here, a former mistress, Violet Kowal also came out with revelation to a magazine that, due to the threats made by Gibson she was forced to leave town and go into hiding for a month. With his super-celebrity status, Gibson has got many controversies to his name; he even made anti-Semitic statements during an arrest, where he hurled racist obscenities at police officers.
The Oscar winning actor is facing a hard time battling it out with all the allegations and charges which has already tarnished his reputation, with plenty of bad press and anger. Though these charges may be a few months old, its damage is still hitting the star’s reputation badly.
Top 21 google search results for Mel Gibson

A glance at the chart and its plain that there are more negative contents and news about the star, with nothing much positive to report on Gibson these days.

At Reputation Management For.com, we feel this could be the end of the road for Mel in reputation terms. While people associated with him are probably re-thinking their ideas about him, Gibson needs to judge the situation well, before doing any further damage to his reputation. His legal and PR team has to settle all the allegations, before it ruins the celebrity status of the actor. If by any chance he comes out clean from all the charges, then he needs to go in for a well-structured reputation management plan to repair the lost reputation and rebuild a positive image among the masses. As Robert Einstein said “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”.

BP Global PR News

What can you do about fake twitter handles who steal your thunder? Well nothing!! BPGlobalPR is one such that’s enjoying a huge list of followers for his wry humor which seems to be the only way to digest the BP oil spill crisis. Re-tweeting his wisecracks, with the “BPcares” hashtag, have got me some weird comments from people who called me ‘insensitive’. I’ve had to explain that @BPGlobalPR is a fake account that yanks the ‘real’ BP PR chain.

BP has been dealing with this PR nightmare for long now and the latest effort has been in allowing writers to the area to convey to the world their side of the story. The company had placed a ban on journalists to the area and now seems to make amends with this new step. But then, no one seems to be buying it. Allowing their own PR guys disguised as journalists to provide interviews and other stories with a slant is really not going to help.

However, the papers are full of BP’s daily costs at handling the problem and is said to be at a total of $2.65bn (£1.76bn) and the problem has been raised at the  G20 Summit in Canada by both Obama and Cameron. They’ve agreed on wanting to keep BP stable while maintaining the pressure on them to clean up the problem. This means they’ve agreed to let BP continue their work in the Gulf of Mexico and BP shares has seen a slight increase in the market.

However, getting a BP sponsorship may not be something you need to agree on according to this BBC article

More than 170 creative artists have put their names to a letter attacking Tate Britain for accepting BP sponsorship.

The BP logo, the letter in The Guardian says, “represents a stain on the Tate’s international reputation”.

So, clearly being associated with BP in any way may not be a good idea for now.

Now onto other associated problems of the oil spill…  Americans who love seafood are a paranoid lot, if tourists are to be believed. You can see them tucking into shrimp and fish with a purpose on their holidays in Europe and Asia. Shrimp is the No. 1 seafood in the US and Louisiana tops in US shrimp output, so the Gulf oil spill has put a thick cloud over the future of the shrimp industry here. Feasting on seafood abroad maybe a good idea, indeed!

Let’s not forget that despite all efforts oil continues to spill by the gallons, the Google crisis page with the ticker is a chilling reminder. For now, we have the satire of fake accounts to see us through the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis and BP has to continue to endure the smart aleck jibes and carry on with their work and, of course, put on hold any endorsements plans they may have.

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