How PR is out and Reputation Management is in

There is a saying that even bad publicity is good publicity, but that may work for Hollywood and that is not the case here. Reputation Management conducted a study and learned that corporate crisis might very much result in online negative publicity, lowering the repute of the company. It was further found that most companies still tend to follow public relations and don’t see the value in ORM (online reputation management) until they get bonked in the head with devastating bad publicity. It’s in such situations that the effect of public relations becomes invaluable. Continue reading “How PR is out and Reputation Management is in”

How important it is to reply to the reviews?

Replying to reviews on your website is an important part of your online process. It is time that business small and big should start thinking about this seriously. Reviews may be good or bad, responding to them adds to the credibility of the company. It is also a part of your online reputation management that sustains your online image. To remain aloof to reviews is an unprofessional approach which reflects on the reputation of the company.

But what needs to be dealt with care is how you respond to reviews, as part of your business goodwill you need to understand that you are addressing the issue brought up in the review. The review may criticize your way of doing business, and as a responsible business house you need to take it from there while clarifying your position. This move will induce confidence and respect and customers feel privileged that you responded to their likes. Review sites are great platforms to build a solid rapport with your business associates. Responding to reviews generates a feeling that you are taking seriously what is been said, and that you intend fixing the issue.

Reviews are a mirror to your business that shows where your business or brand stands. It clearly shows how people perceive your company. A chance to amend flaws or even mend what is lacking. Lately it has been seen that nearly every company in today’s era pay attention to what is been said online. The race is in keeping the company customer friendly and leaving no stones unturned to achieve that goal. Nevertheless doing so surely enhances the friendliness of the company and builds a positive image. One should be really objective when replying to the reviews, as it’s a part of official dialogue.

Being pro-active in answering to your reviews shows the users that you care about them and this enhances your goodwill. So companies need to take every chance to respond to reviews and critics as this is an integral part of your reputation management.

Can the Mel Gibson reputation ever recover?

Mel Gibson is once again in the news, well this time again not for his celebrity image, but the ‘Brave Heart’ actor seems to have lost it all. Gibson has been accused of slapping his ex-girl friend, Oksana Grigorieva twice on her face. If this was not enough, then the recorded racial slurs made by Gibson has put him in probably the worst backlash ever.

The list of charges don’t end here, a former mistress, Violet Kowal also came out with revelation to a magazine that, due to the threats made by Gibson she was forced to leave town and go into hiding for a month. With his super-celebrity status, Gibson has got many controversies to his name; he even made anti-Semitic statements during an arrest, where he hurled racist obscenities at police officers.
The Oscar winning actor is facing a hard time battling it out with all the allegations and charges which has already tarnished his reputation, with plenty of bad press and anger. Though these charges may be a few months old, its damage is still hitting the star’s reputation badly.
Top 21 google search results for Mel Gibson

A glance at the chart and its plain that there are more negative contents and news about the star, with nothing much positive to report on Gibson these days.

At Reputation Management, we feel this could be the end of the road for Mel in reputation terms. While people associated with him are probably re-thinking their ideas about him, Gibson needs to judge the situation well, before doing any further damage to his reputation. His legal and PR team has to settle all the allegations, before it ruins the celebrity status of the actor. If by any chance he comes out clean from all the charges, then he needs to go in for a well-structured reputation management plan to repair the lost reputation and rebuild a positive image among the masses. As Robert Einstein said “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”.

Internet Reputation Management to favor your business

Every business house is familiar with online reputation management. But, here we are not talking about something that happens when your PR is under fire or you have lot of negative content in the search engine. Well for Internet Reputation management, it has nothing to do with negative or bad contents, it’s just a away to keep your business on the top page of search engine unwary of negative comments.  This is to minimize any affect from future negative content propaganda.  More businesses houses are taking Internet reputation management seriously, and this comes as a powerful strategy that keeps your business on top undeterred by negative postings.

A successful Internet Reputation Management is about how to amend damages taking into account a 360 degree view. An aggressive SEO is then undertaken, which is followed by  creating supportive content in the form of blogs, media releases, social media linking etc.,

So no matter negative content or not; Internet Reputation Management if taken care in the beginning will always allow business to remain on the first pages of search results. And when negative information try to connect with the search terms, your website and business will be already enjoying a strong position on the first page of search engines.  Remember, only less than 4 percent users ever scroll down to the last result on the first page, and even less make it to the second page.

Reputation Management

Internet Reputation Management is more like a guard, that takes care of your online reputation while you concentrate on your business.

Online Reputation Management and Social Networking

Have you given a thought on what social networking can offer your company or brand? Well, almost all big or small businesses and brands seem to have adapted to  social networking. Many embraced it as a new fad in the communication scene, whilst some took it as a tool to market.

But do you know that social networking sites can boost up your online reputation and brand value as well? There are a huge number of social networking sites today like, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Ning which have transformed the style of communication and networking to a great level. Apart from millions of individuals and organizations; more than half of the Fortune 100 companies possess a Twitter account. These sites give the platform and space to share information and expand the network easily.

A recent study has even revealed that social networking has been a great help to build and maintain employee engagement and brand reputation.  Twitter and Facebook are those management tools which have come up to pave a way for a forum or open dialogue, bringing your reputation in a more positive light.

It even tells what  people have to say about your product or brand and what you are missing out. It may sometimes be a threat for your reputation, but by responding to allegations you can limit your  damages quickly and can rectify things better. It is essential to understand what all is being said on social networking sites, a wrong statement can be a threat to your reputation. What all you say, remains influential to your brand. The positive use of these sites can reinforce your brand and online reputation is what we can take away from all this.

The Queen, the BBC and the “unreserved” apology

What is BBC quick to offer other than news? an hopeless apology. This time again Danny Kelly the 39-year host of the afternoon live show on BBC WM, while playing the National Anthem announced to his audience that Queen Elizabeth II had died. The producer of the show was heard to have jumped in to do the damage control and said, “You can’t say that!

Kelly on his part clarified that he was referring to a “friend” on the show Facebook page who had the same name and the person is missing now.

A BBC spokesman later said

The BBC apologizes unreservedly for it,” adding that the two-hour show broadcast from Birmingham would be taken over by another presenter  until next Tuesday

No matter what, but his joke has not gone down well with the BBC, as well with Media watchdogs. Secondly this episode has raised severe question about the honesty of the BBC. How many times do they repeat this, a trusted house that BBC is fast losing the sheen across the world. This blatant joke again has tarnished the BBC ever descending reputation.

Online reputation of BBC is also going down the drain. Type BBC on Google and ‘Queen death joke’ news appears on the first page, and rest the search engine will ensure to push it up the list when more people will start searching for this story post reading this blog.

Reputation Management wonders if  The BBC know that it just takes a matter of time to lose that special place in the tabloid world.  This is one reason why the BBC should start thinking to put their house in order, before they are asked to fund themselves.

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Corporate Reputation Management – Your business needs it!

Your brand is the most essential part of your business. Have you ever thought of how people view or value your brand? You may be running a big company, or may have a team of professionals, and generate a lot of revenue, but everything falls short when you lack  sound corporate reputation management.

You may find it odd, but its true that external factors affect your business, it can be either a negative effect or a positive one. Corporate reputation management helps you to have a control over your business.

Studies suggest that only 9% of companies in the Fortune 100 list have control over their respective business or brands. This was based on the top ten listing shown on the first page of search engines and on how many of those top searches were owned by the said company.

Corporate reputation management rolls out a strategic plan to establish a control over the search results shown on the first page and even makes sure that the contents shown are all positive. It is very important to have a control over your business to maintain that positive online reputation. But it was also noticed that many big companies including the Fortune 100’s have negative comments about their products in the top page of Google. Beware! This will dampen the value of your brand in the long run, if not dealt properly.

Many business houses remain ignorant about the importance of online reputation management and bad press. But there are firms that deal with the company’s reputation and provide concrete SEO based reputation management solutions to overcome their reputation crisis and restore the lost sheen.

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Reputation Management For All

Is online Reputation Management vital for ordinary people? I mean for people who don’t own a business or website and need not have to worry about their online reputation. How important it is for them to have reputation management?

Most of the time people are not bothered if it really makes any difference or affects them in their daily life. But to be frank, it makes a lot of difference to have a perfect online reputation  especially if your are a professional in any core area. The reason is today potential employers/companies will search for you on internet to get a first hand information before they hire you. This means somebody is looking at your online presence.

One search and your profile on Myspace or Facebook appears, and thus the details. As expected you  should be on Twitter by now and they will see how often you tweet. All this makes a fine preliminary package for anybody to get an overview about you. So the fact is, either take it or leave it, somebody is monitoring your online reputation.

Call it ego surfing, but most of the searches on Google and Yahoo is done for peoples’ name and their email addresses, sometime that includes even phone numbers.

Why such searches are done? To get an overview of the person.

And who does this kind of search? It can be anybody; someone who wants to date you, or a person wanting to partner you for business or as said above an employer.

This shows how important it is to have an online presence and positive reputation, just one click and there you have a whole lot of information.

If searching for your name returns negative results on the first page of the search engine, you may  need reputation management. It will only help you have a clear online image and get you onto new ventures.

Twitter Monetization & the Reputation Management Angle

Twitter monetization began officially on April 13th 2010 and finally the Ad-free service is looking at promoted tweets and their resonance among tweeple to be the deciding factor in value. So this means according to Biz Stone on his blog,

Promoted Tweets will be clearly labeled as “promoted” when an advertiser is paying, but in every other respect they will first exist as regular Tweets and will be organically sent to the timelines of those who follow a brand. Promoted Tweets will also retain all the functionality of a regular Tweet including replying, Retweeting, and favoriting. Only one Promoted Tweet will be displayed on the search results page.

So deals have been made with Starbucks, Virgin America,  Sony Pictures, Red Bull etc and their tweets will soon be featured as promoted tweets.  Promoted Tweets end up right on top of a search pile so search for something like ‘coffee’ on twitter will take you to the promoted tweet by Starbucks right on top of the search result.

From what I see @Starbucks is certainly doing quite well with the resonance thing, with most promoted tweets being Re-tweeted by the hundreds. Mashable finds that Virgin America is capitalising on “Red hot Tweets” with their offers.

However its still only a day old and in a matter of time we could have a better picture as to how effective a Reputation Management Tool this can be in the future.

To tow the line of resonance of the promoted tweet and its effect on people… could Tiger Woods or Toyota actually use this as a feature for re-building reputation and PR?

Twitter has largely been based on the large amount of content that it has been highlighting through tweets. Content is clearly King for Twitter and for now promoted tweets only appear on top of searches of relevant searches and will remain there and not disappear into oblivion as new tweets come up.

So if Toyota were to go in for a promoted tweet offering free accessories for a Prius or even some useful information on the car call-back it can probably get more visibility being right on top of the search list. Interesting???

While copywriters and Twitter users conjure up the right phrases and set this new tool in motion, we here at Reputation Management feel there could be something here for ORM.

Early days yet but Twitter’s got our attention for sure and this could very well be an avenue to explore for effective crisis management and PR that comes under the purview of Online Reputation Management.

Celebrity Reputation Management & PR – Ricky Martin, Anna Paquin Style

Celebrities and their army of people (Marketing, PR and ORM) are the ones who come up with the latest in brand building and PR as the spotlight is on constantly,  and they have to think several steps ahead.

However, with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter being handled deftly by the celebrities themselves, there is a bigger connect to the fans.  So, you have a Kim Kardashian posing in bikinis with no “real work” as we know it, making millions and others cashing in on coming out of the closet – of course, the latest being Ricky Martin.

The Ricky Martin strategy: Make no mistake, the timing about revealing a “secret” is a serious strategy and for Ricky Martin it’s not simply to get back into the spotlight but also to sell his biography. Take off the emotional baggage and put more money in the bank is quite the PR ruse!

The strangest development in celebrity PR is that lesser known stars and starlets are blindly aping their more successful counterparts even in their worst ordeals. The call to be diagnosed Bipolar is strangely considered cool these days and Shrinks around the world are being forced to discover some Bipolar here or there !!!

However, the one thing good about this is that Bipolar disorder is losing its bad rep and gaining some celebrity on its own. So for real sufferers maybe better research is around the corner.

What we advice celebs these days: Being bisexual is totally cool, in fact anything goes, except for racial slurs, spousal abuse (Charlie Sheen) or serial cheating (Tiger Woods, Jesse James)  or other crimes. We could soon have more and more people coming out à la Anna Paquin who admitted she is bisexual.  Celebrity reputation management is sure getting spicier by the day!

So for someone like Mel Gibson who is supposedly having the now-cool Bipolar disorder its the anti-Sematic tirade or the Mel-tdown as its being called that will continue to haunt his reputation. Mel needs to keep up with sound reputation management –  he should never be without this backing!

Conclusion: So if you are a celebrity waiting to come out as a homosexual, the time is right, the world is ready for you, showering you with more money and followers on Twitter and Facebook.  ‘Bipolar’ should however be handled with kid gloves for now, buzz words have the nasty habit of losing their sheen quick.

Ricky Martin has opened new PR vistas by choosing his own biography for coming out as Gay – no Oprah Show or expansive article in a magazine for him! And…’the times they are a changing.’