Reputation management for Hotels – ‘Home away from Home’

It is a general notion that whatever ranks on Google is true and can be trusted; imagine someone running a hotel and receiving nothing but BAD reviews on a popular and trusted travel-website like ‘TripAdvisor that ranks high on Google.

If a hotel is trashed in reviews by a couple of users on TripAdvisor, then it is more than enough to bring its reputation down.

It won’t be easy to remove or block all negative comments about hotels, but one can always push them down by bringing good content up thereby making it rank on the first-pages of Google.

Top tips for Hotel Reputation Management:

  • Monitor social-networking sites, and other online media to check what people talk in general about your business
  • Respond to user comments, suggestions, feedback, complaints, and reviews, without fail
  • Regular communication and more of interaction with web-users on a daily basis helps, and can help one tap new business opportunities from nowhere
  • Actively communicate and interact with people/online users on some of these popular sites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn
  • Submit relevant theme-based audio-video, and textual files more, to keep the users engaged
  • Creating/joining different online communities and groups, for chat and discussion forums always help, to know minds of people
  • Update your website daily/often with new stories about the business, post blogs, news articles about events and conferences etc. to keep the users well-informed about the company
  • Holiday deals, discounts and offers, contests and giveaways can help in keeping the online users grooved to the business
  • Incorporate reputation management in the ERP system to automate the business activities, and to streamline the process
  • One can even seek experts and consultants for business reputation management strategies

Finally, outsourcing online reputation management to Reputation Management Companies can be a better choice for the service industry as a whole!

Do Hotels need to have Reputation Management?

Do all hotels need to give a thought about reputation management; is this a critical new function in the travel industry? The answer is ‘Yes’. In the era of volatile social networking,  how a potential customers’ buying decision is influenced by traveler’s reviews is an important factor to be considered. Well precisely; it’s about monitoring, examining and responding to reviews and opinions of your hotel and taking part in social media to mold the perceptions of your brand. Continue reading “Do Hotels need to have Reputation Management?”

Physicians’ Reputation Management! Is it too late to act?

We’ll explain a little why physicians should be worried about online reputation management (ORM).

As the online world is wide and handy, bad reputation takes shape here. Online Reputation Management is the monitoring process that addresses or alleviates the SERPs (search engine result pages) or entries in the online media and social networking domains. Continue reading “Physicians’ Reputation Management! Is it too late to act?”

11th Hour Recruitment Horrors Avoidable With Reputation Management

Professional Recruitment Consultants worth their salt go through rigorous Candidate preparation throughout any placement process. This includes advising the Candidate on interview techniques, coaching on environment specifics, and how to handle ‘the counter-offer’. The counter-offer can see deals worth thousands of pounds fall through in an instant and ultimately there’s little that can be done after a Candidate’s mind is made up. Continue reading “11th Hour Recruitment Horrors Avoidable With Reputation Management”

How to keep your company away from Google suggested ‘scams’, ‘reviews’ and ‘complaints’!

If your company is doing well in business, you can expect anything from scams to complaints being suggested by Google that will only do it harm. Today, Internet is a huge virtual market place and it is important for any business to maintain a positive feedback or image on the web in order to do well. It is certain that you’ll get some negative reviews or listings even in your Google suggestions when your company name is searched.

The number of companies coming under attack from unscrupulous competitors, ex employees and anyone with a grudge  are increasing.  These third parties have enough time on their hands to submit a false complaint or allegation against your company in the hope that it will be seen by potentially new and existing clients. This is done with the intention of creating enough doubt in the minds of your clients that they will continue to search for competing companies. Continue reading “How to keep your company away from Google suggested ‘scams’, ‘reviews’ and ‘complaints’!”

Proactive and Reactive Strategies in Online Reputation Management!

Online reputation management cannot be taken for granted. Online reputation management combines a series of strategies and methodologies that when effectively done, help promote a positive online presence for a company. Online Reputation Management (ORM) has two defined branches, Proactive and Reactive. Both branches ensure online actions are controlled and monitored for a positive online presence of a company. Continue reading “Proactive and Reactive Strategies in Online Reputation Management!”

Modelling Scam Help

We recently did a post talking about new rules that had been put in place to help protect individuals from falling foul of rogue modelling agencies (seen here). After receiving enquiries from companies concerned about getting caught up in the modelling scam affair, we’re issuing this follow-up aimed at explaining the problem faced by legitimate modelling agencies.

Continue reading “Modelling Scam Help”

Darth Faker Courtesy of Collectors Kingdom

Customer service is one of the most important parts of maintaining your company’s reputation. It seems though that there are still some companies who don’t actually believe in maintaining a positive relationship with their customer base.

Continue reading “Darth Faker Courtesy of Collectors Kingdom”

Tommy & Gail Sheridan Begin Perjury Trial

Wouldn’t it be great if the judge were to commence proceedings with “You’re under my perjurisdiction now, Tommy”? Ok, so it’s unlikely to have happened, but Tommy Sheridan is in for his toughest test yet as he’s hauled back in to court… for lying in court.

He’s clearly not the first person to have faced a bit of bad press, and he’ll certainly not be the last, but in 2006 when Mr Sheridan was reported in the News of the World to be having extramarital flings – he decided that the best way of handling the situation was to cause a big scene and take the media giants to court. Of course, whether he did or didn’t lie is now down to a jury to decide over the next 10 weeks the case is expected to last.

In his defamation case in 2006, Tommy Sheridan won £200,000 in damages after claiming that The News of the World had fabricated stories that detailed an alleged visit to a swingers club in Manchester and engaged in extramarital affairs with two women. Other accusations levied against the former MSP included excessive alcohol and substance abuse; both claims denied on the basis he was a “teetotaller”. In a case he decided to represent himself (after sacking his legal team in June of that year), the jury returned a majority vote of 7-4 in Sheridan’s favour. It didn’t take long for News International (the other side of Sheridan vs.) to launch an appeal on claims that false testimonies had been given and the sheer volume of witnesses attesting to Sheridan’s admission of guilt.

The whole saga has been going on for four years now, and Sheridan has been making no effort to shy away from the limelight and has declared his innocence in interviews, taken on his own radio talk show and even made an appearance in Celebrity Big Brother. The latter of which was because apparently he “needed the money”. Yeah those lawyers don’t tend to pay for themselves, Tommy! But to be honest, most of this could have been avoided.

When you fall victim to negative press – whether it’s deserved or not – there are ways to go about handling the situation. And whether you’re guilty or not, drawing attention to negative press is not the way to go about it. Your reputation is always going to have aspersions cast against it when accusations are made, whether they’re false or not. There will always be doubt thereafter, irrespective of an innocent or guilty verdict. Tommy and wife Gail could have managed their reputation a lot better by keeping press interest to a minimum. Newspaper stories go away if left alone, and there are ways of dealing with stories online via online reputation management, but at this stage it’s a little late for Mr & Mrs Sheridan.

New Model Scam Law

There aren’t many people who wouldn’t be flattered to hear that somebody thought they had the potential to be a model. In a society that tells you that unless you buy in to the cosmopolitan culture of perfect bodies and catalogue fashion, fraudsters have been left for years to prey on girls and women seeking affirmation on their appearance. Now though, ‘Pretty Protection’ rules have been put in place to crack down on rogue modelling agencies looking to capitalise on the vulnerable.

The modelling scam is fairly straightforward – through various mediums girls are being approached, courted, and being assured that they have what it takes to make it in the modelling industry. They’re asked to attend photo shoots or registration events where they’re pampered and treated like royalty. They’re led to believe that paid work will be forthcoming from an extensive list of clients, and just when the ‘mark’ is about to sign on the dotted line, the trap is sprung.

In order to sign up to these agencies, the girls (ok, so guys are just as susceptible to this too, but statistically speaking the main demographic of those affected are female) have to come up with a ‘signup fee’ or an ‘agency retainer’ on the expectation of making the money back on modelling work. By the time the session is over, victims might have handed over sums that reach the high hundreds. And unfortunately, save for an occasional email or letter informing them they’ve had no interest yet, this is often the last time most people hear anything.

The new rules are as follows:

As of 01/10/2010, it is now illegal for model agencies to charge any type of upfront fee before finding a client work.

Any company caught trying to do that could face an unlimited fine or be banned from operating for up to 10 years.

A 30-day cooling off period has been introduced for photographic work.

If you fall for that trick and pay for a portfolio of pictures you no longer want, you have a month to change your mind and ask for your money back.

Critics though have already said though that the new regulations aren’t sufficient to adequately protect against rogue modelling agencies, as there are still several loopholes still left gapingly wide open. There are however people you can speak to if you feel you are still being scammed, and they can be found here.

The problem now though is that people who genuinely want to make it in the modelling industry are left wondering who they can trust. With so many rogue agencies out there, it’s hard to identify who’s genuine and who isn’t. And now with awareness being raised as to the potential pitfalls of putting your trust in modelling scams, the legitimate agencies risk being tarred with the same brush. An unfortunate but classic case of ‘guilty by association’.

When you have a legitimate business of any ilk, you should look to protect your reputation and disassociate yourself from scammers in the same trade. At, we’ve already spoken to spoken to modelling agencies over the last year who are concerned with being caught up in the negative light their ill-intentioned counterparts have been casting. If you have a business whose reputation is being questioned due to matters outside your control, then get in touch with us to find out how we can help you to protect your brand name and reputation. In fashion more than most industries – your name is your lifeblood.


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