How to keep your company away from Google suggested ‘scams’, ‘reviews’ and ‘complaints’!

If your company is doing well in business, you can expect anything from scams to complaints being suggested by Google that will only do it harm. Today, Internet is a huge virtual market place and it is important for any business to maintain a positive feedback or image on the web in order to do well. It is certain that you’ll get some negative reviews or listings even in your Google suggestions when your company name is searched.

The number of companies coming under attack from unscrupulous competitors, ex employees and anyone with a grudge  are increasing.  These third parties have enough time on their hands to submit a false complaint or allegation against your company in the hope that it will be seen by potentially new and existing clients. This is done with the intention of creating enough doubt in the minds of your clients that they will continue to search for competing companies. Continue reading “How to keep your company away from Google suggested ‘scams’, ‘reviews’ and ‘complaints’!”

Internet Reputation Management to favor your business

Every business house is familiar with online reputation management. But, here we are not talking about something that happens when your PR is under fire or you have lot of negative content in the search engine. Well for Internet Reputation management, it has nothing to do with negative or bad contents, it’s just a away to keep your business on the top page of search engine unwary of negative comments.  This is to minimize any affect from future negative content propaganda.  More businesses houses are taking Internet reputation management seriously, and this comes as a powerful strategy that keeps your business on top undeterred by negative postings.

A successful Internet Reputation Management is about how to amend damages taking into account a 360 degree view. An aggressive SEO is then undertaken, which is followed by  creating supportive content in the form of blogs, media releases, social media linking etc.,

So no matter negative content or not; Internet Reputation Management if taken care in the beginning will always allow business to remain on the first pages of search results. And when negative information try to connect with the search terms, your website and business will be already enjoying a strong position on the first page of search engines.  Remember, only less than 4 percent users ever scroll down to the last result on the first page, and even less make it to the second page.

Reputation Management

Internet Reputation Management is more like a guard, that takes care of your online reputation while you concentrate on your business.

The Queen, the BBC and the “unreserved” apology

What is BBC quick to offer other than news? an hopeless apology. This time again Danny Kelly the 39-year host of the afternoon live show on BBC WM, while playing the National Anthem announced to his audience that Queen Elizabeth II had died. The producer of the show was heard to have jumped in to do the damage control and said, “You can’t say that!

Kelly on his part clarified that he was referring to a “friend” on the show Facebook page who had the same name and the person is missing now.

A BBC spokesman later said

The BBC apologizes unreservedly for it,” adding that the two-hour show broadcast from Birmingham would be taken over by another presenter  until next Tuesday

No matter what, but his joke has not gone down well with the BBC, as well with Media watchdogs. Secondly this episode has raised severe question about the honesty of the BBC. How many times do they repeat this, a trusted house that BBC is fast losing the sheen across the world. This blatant joke again has tarnished the BBC ever descending reputation.

Online reputation of BBC is also going down the drain. Type BBC on Google and ‘Queen death joke’ news appears on the first page, and rest the search engine will ensure to push it up the list when more people will start searching for this story post reading this blog.

Reputation Management wonders if  The BBC know that it just takes a matter of time to lose that special place in the tabloid world.  This is one reason why the BBC should start thinking to put their house in order, before they are asked to fund themselves.

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Google suggests- Gordon Brown Bigoted Woman

When I began my Gordon Brown post yesterday and typed ‘Gordon Brown’, Google, the ever helpful imp that it is, suggested “Gordon Brown bigoted woman”!!! The news had just broke and there it was picked up and urged by Google for all to see.  In a matter of hours the Labour campaign is shaking under the onslaught of this gaffe. Questions are being raised about the character of the PM who is a week-away from election.

This is a great example of how biased Google can be when it comes to negative  news. To illustrate the damning effect, here are two screen shots of both and when you type ‘Gordon Brown’.

This is the kind of damage a negative news can do to your carefully built reputation. Still grabbing headlines and soaring on social networking sites, Gordon Brown will have to face Google’s suggestion horror for quite a few days and with elections a week away this can be a total disaster.

Now, this brings us to what it can do to affect companies that face serious negative issues. There is Google suggesting your worst nightmare to millions of people around the globe. In short, news in any form directly has an effect on Google’s suggested queries.

This is another reason why negative press always seem to have an effect on Google. It’s a vicious cycle and for now Gordon Brown will have to hope for something really big and positive probably in the debates today to stop this negative effect.

Employee Reputation critical for organizations

Just how good it is when an Organization says that ‘Employees are their assets’, well let’s keep this debate aside for now. But here we are going to highlight how employees’ reputation creates a huge impact on those who look at you from the other side and just how critical it is for the reputation of your company..

Your employees’ carries the attitude and brand of your company. Have you ever noticed when visiting any office and waiting at the front office. I think this is the best place to analyze how true the employees carry the brand. You can feel the elements of the company culture and values coming through in the way people speak to each other and how they greet you. After all, employees are the caretakers of a company’s brand.

Employees and corporate reputation goes hand in hand. Though company reputation is vital, but employees are also the key factor that link to manage it. This generates positive performance and ultimately cements a place for you in this competitive era. So how to keep a positive reputation of your organization is about recognizing the significant role employees’ play in the overall positioning of corporate reputation.

However, to encourage employees to ‘live the brand’ are not much practiced. It is further suggested that to highlight your brand through your employees there has to be solid strategies in place. So when employees are trained to do their part perfectly the battle is half won. Let the employees know what actions are effective in return that successfully portray your strong brand.

In my opinion a brief training exercise and the know-how of the company and its regulation will go a long way in shaping employee reputation. Apprise them of the various vulnerability that could sabotage their reputation; for example ‘A tech savvy employee when comes across some website that has negative thing about the organization, what he should be doing? Persuade them to take advantage of the situation and come up with better solution to counter that after all it’s reputation at stake.

Get rid off negative comments

Most businesses want their websites to show up on the first page of search engines. How good is it if your website  appears on the first page of Google or Yahoo? You search for your company/product name and to your surprise you find one or more listings on top. You have been waiting for this, but then the sudden change in weather on search engines is astonishing. Have a closer look, do you see anything unusual? Well it could be those negative comments about your products doing the rounds and inviting so many visitors and obviously putting your website on top. If it is so, you are in big trouble.

One negative comment is enough to frighten away many likely customers. How genuine these reviews or complaints are is not the question, but it is about the impact. Your company’s reputation is at stake besides loss of revenue in millions.

Reputation management has become a crucial tool, but then very few companies go for this service to counter negative propaganda waged against their firms. Airlines, banks, hotels are the most vulnerable and are always at the receiving end, by disgruntled customers or envying competitors. By being ignorant of reputation management these firms end up sorting issues through litigation, which is twice as expensive and time consuming as compared to hiring reputation managers.

In such situations, our suggestion is to ‘nip it in the bud’- suppress the negative comments and bring up the positive ones. It is all about customizing a strategy to corner negative comments and design a campaign to keep positive reviews of your company above others.

Safeguarding your business from on-line damages and ensuring its smooth run is tantamount to running a business itself. New and small companies need to understand how vulnerable they are and how important reputation management services are for their business.

Competition taking your reputation and trashing?

I hear more and more of unscrupulous companies attacking their competitors by posting false negative content from supposedly unhappy customers.  In today’s world where more and more people using engines like google to research and find companies online it’s critical to make sure you are on top of your online reputation.
Competitors will try and beat you where ever they can and protecting your online reputation could mean your survival.  Having another company attack their competitors is not new, but how they can do it today on the internet is.  It’s very easy to get negative content about a company to the top of Google and way harder to get rid of it once it’s there.  So taking pre emptive measures is the best way to protect your business reputation online.

Unfortunately like newspapers when people read about a company they take it as fact so make sure they are reading what you want them to.

Forums can be a nightmare for reputation management

We had a case recently where a PR company decided to tackle some negative comments about a client on a popular negative forum.  The backlash was immense and completely back fired.

Here are the main reasons for not tackling forums.

  1. Forums are traditionally places where people like to complain, the last thing they want is someone to defend the company, their attitude is you can put your positive info some where else.
  2. You can’t control the content on a 3rd party forum site so its really risky, any thread you begin will start out positive but will quickly attract negative content.
  3. Last but not least, the most important reason, by adding more content onto these types of sites you encourage Google to rank it higher.  Especially if it attracts more people to attack the company and add even more content.

The PR companies  intention was good, but you cannot apply the same methods you would use in publications (Traditional PR) to the Internet as you will get hammered.

Also sites like Wiki and  Facebook can bite you if you are not careful and incorrectly set up.