Reputation management- A useful way to track the competition

Back in the day, if somebody wanted to bad-mouth your business, they had to risk their own reputation to do so. Nowadays they can do it with the aid of thousands of social networking and blog sites with complete animosity. If someone posts a false or a malicious comment or blog, they can go without being noticed – being one among the numerous sites online. So, it’s tempting and easy to be malicious.

Reputation management is more than a service simply for those people who have had negative content levelled against them online. ORM is predominantly for protecting your reputation and keeping it consistent for the entire duration. By paying attention to your customers, you can ensure that you are always offering them what they want, and can adapt your advertising as to attract other potential customers to your custom.

When you open the social media floodgates, you create a channel for people to come and ask help for their various issues. So they may either ask you questions about the various products or services, or it might be a disgruntled customer who is posting negative comments about you, because they are dissatisfied about your product or service.

It is important to monitor your business online:

  • If you need to take action against the negative comments you need to know exactly where and why they exist.
  • Find out what people are saying about others’ brands so that you can make sure your business is ahead in the competition.
  • Know the changing tastes of the people, so that you can adapt your advertising and products range accordingly.
  • It is essential to know of any many gaps in the market, so you can fill them before your competitors do.
  • Know what people type into search engines in order to find your products, so that you can adapt your website to include the right keywords.

If you cannot monitor your brand on your own, then you need to make use of the services of an online reputation management firm like Reputation Management, who will do the trick of helping you build, regain and protect your brand name. We offer various services and packages and have great tools and systems in place to protect your name online; it will ultimately help you to have complete control of your business.

Reputation management, a solid formula is also essential for small corporations

Is reputation management more important a matter to small businesses than to large corporations? Yes, small companies have a lot more to lose from a storm of negative comments and it can actually destroy them when compared to a multi million dollar firm that has the deep pockets to afford such an awful attack. A small company may not be often able to wait or counteract in accordance with big corporations.

But there is always a solution for small firms to control their online reputation by taking a proactive approach by constantly using organic SEO to boost positive listings in SERPs, address negative publicity swiftly and professionally.

Reputation management has always been a success factor in ensuring a company’s success. Online reputation management involves maintaining your company’s positive image over the web and combating the negative publicity as soon as it arises.

With a plethora of sites through which consumers exchange their ideas, the anonymity that the Internet provides may encourage disgruntled customers to voice the bad experiences with a sole purpose of sabotaging the company in question. Unfortunately no matter how well a business is run, there will always be dissatisfied customers who will take to the Internet no matter how willingly you try to address the situation.

Transparency is always important in managing your online reputation. When faced with such scrutiny, it’s best to address these problems directly instead of hoping or assuming they’ll clear all on their own. Let your customers know what you are doing to improve your company’s brand image and when problems seem to arise, make them know your side of the story as well.

Of course, it’s far easier to have reputation management services from experts and work on building your business and products better.

What can reputation management do for you?

Reputation Management services has become a key aspect for almost all companies. This dynamic service is coming to be regarded as a major boon for all businesses, brands, individuals and products who were victims of this so called reputation crisis. Your company’s reputation might be immaculate at present, but one can’t predict when the situation turns around.

Reputation management services might be something new, but in such a short span of time it has proven its mettle and has got recognition globally. From politician, sports personalities, celebrities, companies to doctors have all embraced it as yet another aspect or PR. It can’t be denied that many companies and brands are benefited with the effective tools of reputation management. No matter its a small business or a Fortune 500 company, reputation management service is meant for all.

It is debated that, the results of these reputation management services comes gradually and not in a haste. Well, to bring your reputation up is a systematic process needs patience, as this is a sensitive area. To promote a brand or key phrase and to optimize it correctly asks for time, and to further push down the negative results and at the same time bringing up positive contents needs a concrete strategy and proper allocation. Meanwhile the use of a pro-active SEO campaign is a smart way to bring up your brand image and reputation in search engines.

Many companies argue that, its really pain staking to sit and watch all negatives about the business, even after resorting to these reputation management services, but they have to understand the sensitivity of the issue. Reputation management campaign works as a process and it slowly weaves a positive image for your brand, making sure the credibility of your brand or company is never lost.

How it works :

After analysing the position of the company online, with the help of the articles, web pages, blogs and  pictures, the reputation management plan is designed.  After judging your present status online and by knowing how people perceive you, the repair works of your online reputation starts off.

As we all know ‘Google’ does an index of new pages fast, so by publishing blogs, web pages and articles about your company we can bring the positive side of your business. As your page gets cached by Google, you can work more stringently to rank those pages on the top searches. It can take a minimum of six months to get the results, but at the end of the day you are satisfied with what Google is coming up with about your company or brand . You have more control of your reputation and that makes all the difference!

Fame comes with a price – Social conduct and celebrity reputation!

Do you ever think before you act? If not, then better develop a habit of doing so, especially when you are a celebrity or known personality. Your behaviour has an immediate impact on your reputation, it might sound clichéd, but practically it makes a huge difference to your image and reputation.

Usually in case of celebs such reputation disasters occurs when misconducts or anger tarnishes their social image. Being vulnerable, a single false move can bring down the reputation drastically.
Behaviour and social conduct has a lot meaning and value when it comes to celebrities. Always in the limelight, these so called stars are social figures and their acts are watched by millions. Any bad conduct from their end can be axing their own feet. In many instance it has seen that, how celebrity image has fallen down by their misconducts or offensive acts. Whether it’s by being rude to the media or by having a foul mouth, violent behaviour in public is simply disgraceful.

Some of the offensive acts by the celebrities:

  • Lindsay Lohan was recently charged with carrying “contraband” found in her wrecked car.
  • Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving on a suspended license.
  • Mel Gibson verbally abusing and slapping his girl friend.

Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University said “Celebrities behaving badly is certainly not an uncommon thing to find throughout history and it is certainly not going to fade away.”

To maintain and protect your reputation today is far difficult than the hardships you faced to gain that fame, as the adage goes, “With great power comes great responsibilities”. In the same way, it asks for great responsibility to sustain that fame and glory.

However, if you are looking to rectify your flaws, then we at Reputation Management suggests, a concrete PR strategy and reputation management plan, which will help you to repair your lost image and resurrect from the damages. Reputation management even helps you to manage and enrich your reputation, and also helps to keep track of the status of your reputation. Celebrities and social figures are recommended to shield there reputation with a systematic reputation management plan, especially at a time when social networking has given people the space to air their views easily.

Corporate Reputation Management – Your business needs it!

Your brand is the most essential part of your business. Have you ever thought of how people view or value your brand? You may be running a big company, or may have a team of professionals, and generate a lot of revenue, but everything falls short when you lack  sound corporate reputation management.

You may find it odd, but its true that external factors affect your business, it can be either a negative effect or a positive one. Corporate reputation management helps you to have a control over your business.

Studies suggest that only 9% of companies in the Fortune 100 list have control over their respective business or brands. This was based on the top ten listing shown on the first page of search engines and on how many of those top searches were owned by the said company.

Corporate reputation management rolls out a strategic plan to establish a control over the search results shown on the first page and even makes sure that the contents shown are all positive. It is very important to have a control over your business to maintain that positive online reputation. But it was also noticed that many big companies including the Fortune 100’s have negative comments about their products in the top page of Google. Beware! This will dampen the value of your brand in the long run, if not dealt properly.

Many business houses remain ignorant about the importance of online reputation management and bad press. But there are firms that deal with the company’s reputation and provide concrete SEO based reputation management solutions to overcome their reputation crisis and restore the lost sheen.

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SEO – A Part of Your Reputation Management

If you own a business, no matter what you deal with, your ultimate intention will be to have a growing revenue with a list of happy clients/customers. So the point is your business needs to have a strategic marketing in place to let others know about it. So if it’s online the buzz word is  SEO. An essential part of every business-  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial, because it’s effective when you are promoting your business online.

Naturally not everybody will be happy with your business and that leads to the creation of one or more unhappy customers, which is not a good sign. Remember one unhappy customer can give your business a bad name. The funniest part is that Internet being an affordable place, anyone can post anything at their will, and thankfully there are plenty of ways to air comments. So it’s tantamount important for companies to have a tool that allows to monitor negative contents.

Bad comments or reviews are not new to businesses or individuals, in fact people love to comment on anything, which they are not happy with. They say ‘A happy customer will refer you to one, but an unhappy client will literally blow it out off proportion at every given chance to speak.

Negative comment if posted, bookmarked or tweeted; lets be sure it will show up in search engines. Anything that invites maximum hits tends to remain on search engines, unfortunately if your own official website ranks below that, fasten your seat belts, you need reputation management before it turns your business the other way round.

Reputation Management For All

Is online Reputation Management vital for ordinary people? I mean for people who don’t own a business or website and need not have to worry about their online reputation. How important it is for them to have reputation management?

Most of the time people are not bothered if it really makes any difference or affects them in their daily life. But to be frank, it makes a lot of difference to have a perfect online reputation  especially if your are a professional in any core area. The reason is today potential employers/companies will search for you on internet to get a first hand information before they hire you. This means somebody is looking at your online presence.

One search and your profile on Myspace or Facebook appears, and thus the details. As expected you  should be on Twitter by now and they will see how often you tweet. All this makes a fine preliminary package for anybody to get an overview about you. So the fact is, either take it or leave it, somebody is monitoring your online reputation.

Call it ego surfing, but most of the searches on Google and Yahoo is done for peoples’ name and their email addresses, sometime that includes even phone numbers.

Why such searches are done? To get an overview of the person.

And who does this kind of search? It can be anybody; someone who wants to date you, or a person wanting to partner you for business or as said above an employer.

This shows how important it is to have an online presence and positive reputation, just one click and there you have a whole lot of information.

If searching for your name returns negative results on the first page of the search engine, you may  need reputation management. It will only help you have a clear online image and get you onto new ventures.

Lindsay Lohan E-trade saga

Lindsay Lohan is yet again in news. The 23-year-old actress has filed a lawsuit against E-Trade for $100 million over a Super Bowl ad featuring a “milkaholic” baby named Lindsay. The controversial TV ad features a baby boy apologizing to his girlfriend for not calling her because he was busy trading stocks on E-Trade. Lohan alleged E-trade for breaching of civil rights and use of her name, ‘Lindsay’ and characterization without payment or permission.

This is nothing new for the glam doll who has the habit of being in news for all the wrong reasons; starting from spending a day in jail, her relationship with Samantha Ronson, being shooed away by enraged people in the Paris Fashion Week, Lindsay has it all in her to invite controversy.

If we look back, Tracy Palmer, the Director of Consumer Advertising Sprint, made no fuss when her name was used for the girls character in the sprint ad. So doubts are afloat if this whole controversy by Lindsay is a publicity stunt. The allegations levied by her lawyer also seems inappropriate to stand up in the court.

“Many celebrities are known by one name, and E-Trade is using that knowledge to profit,” Lohan’s lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, said in a statement to the New York Post . “They’re using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn’t they use the name Susan? This is a subliminal message. Everybody’s talking about it and saying it’s Lindsay Lohan.”

The whole drama has done a world of good for E-trade, with thousands of people searching for the controversial commercial online. Wonder why LiLo seems so offended, or is it a mere frustration of hers.  She is in real need of a quality PR and some strategic celebrity reputation management to be in place to regain her lost image as a celebrity rather than as a troubled star.

We, at  Reputation Management, feel that Lindsay has to retain the confidence of the public and should work towards getting back her stardom.  Who will want to sponsor a celebrity who may turn round and sue them later, had she not mentioned anything for the best part the ad would have gone unnoticed, now even we are writing about it now!

Reputation Management for MPs to restore public faith

Have the public lost faith in MPs? The expenses file shows MPs more than half the entire House of Commons are involved in the controversial expenses scandal. They exploited the system of parliamentary allowances to promote their lifestyles and homes. The revelation has angered many voters and the reputation of the MPs has taken a beating.

People at large knew nothing until the scandal was out in the open and how MPs claimed for items far beyond what was allowed. Change in the system was voiced, but unfortunately there weren’t many takers. The after effect of not heeding that advise is all out in black & white.

It’s not easy to get this scandal off the mind of the taxpayers. While some MPs are guilty for the wrongdoing it has tarnished everyone in the house of Commons with the same brush.

So what does this mean? Is there a need for an urgent damage control to restore public faith?

A need for a strategic reputation management to get back the lost glory. There is no quick-fix method to fix the problem, but MPs need to realize that they are  the representatives of their constituency and are not traders.

Politics and politicians are definitely not immune to bad press or negative comments, the above scandal shows how a politicians online reputation can go for a ride even if you are not at fault. You need to apprise the public your accomplishments, and what you are planning to do. This will allow people to respond positively and garner faith in the system.

David Cameron, when said ‘all MPs who do not repay will be sacked and be termed not eligible for election. This is a welcome statement and will infuse confidence in public, and also minimize the resentment in public for those in the House of Commons.

Politician’s reputation holds greater significance as electorate comprising of different age and group will have a common thinking about their representative, which makes sense to them. Let your positive image be known to the public, after all that is all you need to face the polls.

TripAdvisor positive or negative comments are they real?

We have been approached by many tourism companies both agents and hotels alike requestiong help with negative comments appearing about them on the search results.  More often than n0t they come from sites like tripadvisor whose business model is based on customer feedback.

There are 2 big issues with this:

  1. You tend to get more genuine feedback from customers who have had a negative experience rather than a positive one.
  2. Competitors write negative things about another company which are false.

So quite often Tripadvisor will not give a overall balanced feedback from customers because the same old saying is true “a customer who has had a bad experience will tell a 100 people where a customer who has a good experience will tell 10”.  Customers will normally only give feedback to a site like Tripadvisor if they have had a negative experience rather than a positive one.

We are also now seeing what we believe to be competitors writing bogus negative feedback about competing companies in order to trash their reputation.  It’s very bad practice and something we frown on and will certainly not get involved in.

What can you do about negative comments on Tripadvisor?

  1. Make sure there is genuinely not an issue that needs addressing if  many customers are complaining about the same thing.
  2. Offer customers a gift if they write something positive about their stay at your hotel on Tripadvisor
  3. Hire a company to help protect your reputation online and bury negative results in the search results.

The outcome, although you can’t get rid of negative comments totally is you can show a much more balanced view, in many ways this is much better than just positive or negative views.