How not to tweet during a tragedy – Co. Reputation Management Lesson!

‘Yet another talent lost early’  as tributes to Amy Winehouse pour in, there are quite a few shameless self-promotions going on out to market her sudden death. This post is not to serve as an eulogy to Amy but to point out to companies how not to market on their official twitter accounts during the death of a celebrity.

‘Should Traffic Ever Trump Taste?‘  gives two examples of  such behaviour and we pick the Microsoft UK PR twitter handle post – and yes they were crass enough to post this…

Clearly their later apology and tribute did nothing to cover up the real intention of the tweet.

This is a great example of how not to be a PR handle on Twitter and clearly puts Microsoft UK  in a bad light, despite the opportunity of increased sales of Amy’s music. Definitely a big ‘thumbs down’ from us here at Reputation Management


Skype down again & Microsoft getting the blame

Skype seems to have gone down again, many users are complaining and tweeting about another failure in skypes service. Again it looks like Microsoft are getting blamed, they will be hanged out to dry regardless of the real fault. People may forget, but the internet never does, because Microsoft was blamed for the last big Skype failure everyone assumes it’s them again. Many google results dthe last Skype problem show up when you Google Skype down talk about microsoft being at fault and not Skype.  I bet there are 1000’s of companies out there who wish they could pass the buck on so easily.

Hopefully it will be back up again, I’ve got some Skyping to do!

Skype Fails. Microsoft Blamed…

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Top 10 reputation crisis of 2010 – a recap!

Being Reputation Management Consultants,  Reputation Management, have come with our list of top 10 reputation crashes in the year that was! Being the festive season and all, we’re doing it as honors awarded to the great captains of Industries, firms, celebrities and brands that went through a reputation storm in 2010… Continue reading “Top 10 reputation crisis of 2010 – a recap!”