Charlie Sheen meltdown & celebrity reputation

2011 is seeing its first great celebrity meltdown with Charlie Sheen; and as reputations went, he clearly was the highest paid TV actor, and all this is changing.  Charlie joined Twitter in the middle of it all and in 24 hours @charliesheen has amassed a following of  1077386 and counting.

His tweeting fascinates one and all, from his ‘goddesses’ and twin boys’ pictures to his polygamous life its all in the headlines. Talk shows are increasing viewership with a Sheen appearance like Piers Morgan did or ABC did. Hugh Hefner may soon have a successor in Charlie Sheen, but Two and a Half Men is cancelled and his soon to be ex-wife has managed to get their twin boys out of the house and away from their dad. Continue reading “Charlie Sheen meltdown & celebrity reputation”

Top 10 reputation crisis of 2010 – a recap!

Being Reputation Management Consultants,  Reputation Management, have come with our list of top 10 reputation crashes in the year that was! Being the festive season and all, we’re doing it as honors awarded to the great captains of Industries, firms, celebrities and brands that went through a reputation storm in 2010… Continue reading “Top 10 reputation crisis of 2010 – a recap!”

Mel Gibson keeping quiet the Tiger way

Mel Gibson by choosing to follow the footsteps of the disgraced golfer, Tiger Woods has only made his reputation slump from bad to worse. Just like Tiger chose to keep quiet  Mel Gibson too, remained out of the media eyes as soon as the accusations of  domestic abuse and the rant tapes got viral on the web. Even when this celebrated actor was dumped by his agents at William Morris he chose to keep silent and to remain in the oblivion, which was a badly executed reputation management plan from his side.

Even When Gibson’s attorneys  fiercely defended their boss by firing salvos against  his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva’s allegations, Gibson never came out into the open. So, did Gibson also made a costly mistake by not addressing his serious reputation issues, which assumed massive proportions with every passing day. But, Perhaps his silence has made the public believe that the tapes were probably real, which made his situation worse.

Gibson might have played it safe as he is infamous for his vitriolic tongue and by keeping his mouth shut  he might have thought to scramble home safely. Mel has been through such issues earlier also  and with each incident  it is becoming all the more difficult for him to  salvage his reputation. Silence might be golden in real world but not in the web where making  noise is the best way to prove your point, pull the crowd and to safeguard your online reputation.

Mel Gibson reputation – Is the worst over?

As we mull over how Mel Gibson’s reputation, future plans and how even a comeback can materialize, he seems to have found some reprieve. Mel’s ex-wife has come out with a signed affidavit saying he was never abusive towards her or her children. This coming from a 28-year marriage does bring in some good tidings for the star.

However, there is still that question – “Will Mel Gibson go to jail?” to be dealt with and the legal teams are probably going to battle it out over extortion threats from Oksana Grigorieva and spousal abuse from Gibson being fought at length. From a celebrity crisis and damage control angle, Robyn Moore’s affidavit is like a God-sent for Gibson.

It’s almost certain that Hollywood will let things play out and wait for the outcome of the legal case for child custody. Whoopi Goldberg’s attempt at supporting her friend is frankly not enough, apart from the ‘racist’ tag Gibson also needs to fight his ‘misogynist’ and ‘abuser’ tag.

Like Tiger Woods who is now battling golfing trouble after his reputation debacle Mel Gibson will have to make a comeback that is so awe-inspiring that all’s forgiven in the name of art and cinema. Tiger Woods is well aware of this as well as he fumbles to get his groove back on the green.

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Can the Mel Gibson reputation ever recover?

Mel Gibson is once again in the news, well this time again not for his celebrity image, but the ‘Brave Heart’ actor seems to have lost it all. Gibson has been accused of slapping his ex-girl friend, Oksana Grigorieva twice on her face. If this was not enough, then the recorded racial slurs made by Gibson has put him in probably the worst backlash ever.

The list of charges don’t end here, a former mistress, Violet Kowal also came out with revelation to a magazine that, due to the threats made by Gibson she was forced to leave town and go into hiding for a month. With his super-celebrity status, Gibson has got many controversies to his name; he even made anti-Semitic statements during an arrest, where he hurled racist obscenities at police officers.
The Oscar winning actor is facing a hard time battling it out with all the allegations and charges which has already tarnished his reputation, with plenty of bad press and anger. Though these charges may be a few months old, its damage is still hitting the star’s reputation badly.
Top 21 google search results for Mel Gibson

A glance at the chart and its plain that there are more negative contents and news about the star, with nothing much positive to report on Gibson these days.

At Reputation Management, we feel this could be the end of the road for Mel in reputation terms. While people associated with him are probably re-thinking their ideas about him, Gibson needs to judge the situation well, before doing any further damage to his reputation. His legal and PR team has to settle all the allegations, before it ruins the celebrity status of the actor. If by any chance he comes out clean from all the charges, then he needs to go in for a well-structured reputation management plan to repair the lost reputation and rebuild a positive image among the masses. As Robert Einstein said “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”.

Reputation Management 2010 – a half year report!

Six months into 2010 and you realize the one thing that’s been recurring is big reputation crises. And how the mighty have fallen in reputation terms!! From Tiger Woods to Toyota worries, from BP oil spill crisis to Mel Gibson’s rants, from the Duchess of York scandal to the performance duds by the millionaire football stars, 2010 has brought its share of bad luck to haloed people and companies.

Reputation Management has never been this important and it’s sadly when a crisis happens that you actually tend to quantify reputation in terms of money. Reputation is indeed money and even if you argue that time is a healer, the business you lose in this period of crisis is never coming back to you.

The cool thing about Online Reputation Management (ORM) is that it encompasses PR, SEO reputation management, Branding and Crisis Management. You practically have your defense lined-up for you, ready for action. With ORM in place the bumpy ride to recovery from a crisis is largely smooth.

Finally by outsourcing ORM you actually get a whole team working for you round the clock. Being active on blog networks and social networking sites daily may not be possible when you have to go about your business. ORM goes a long way in protecting your reputation and brand online and should be part of your advertising or PR portfolio.

At Reputation Management we’ve been ranking reputation of celebrities and companies based on how they fare online and we’ve often been alarmed at the naiveté with which  online reputation has been handled. However,  there’s much to be done to change this and this is where we come in. From regular monitoring to highlighting positive stories to damage limitation and burying negatives ORM is not be ignored.

For nowadays anyone can be an investigative reporter- a citizen journalist with phone cameras and other gadgets and anyone’s a paparazzo and celebrities beware! These are times of sting operations, consumer forums, and review sites all as keen on reputations as we are.

So yes, the year 2010 seems to be going down history as a year that could well use some reputation management on its own and here’s hoping the next six months see companies and celebrities with sound ORM in place.

Celebrity Reputation Management & PR – Ricky Martin, Anna Paquin Style

Celebrities and their army of people (Marketing, PR and ORM) are the ones who come up with the latest in brand building and PR as the spotlight is on constantly,  and they have to think several steps ahead.

However, with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter being handled deftly by the celebrities themselves, there is a bigger connect to the fans.  So, you have a Kim Kardashian posing in bikinis with no “real work” as we know it, making millions and others cashing in on coming out of the closet – of course, the latest being Ricky Martin.

The Ricky Martin strategy: Make no mistake, the timing about revealing a “secret” is a serious strategy and for Ricky Martin it’s not simply to get back into the spotlight but also to sell his biography. Take off the emotional baggage and put more money in the bank is quite the PR ruse!

The strangest development in celebrity PR is that lesser known stars and starlets are blindly aping their more successful counterparts even in their worst ordeals. The call to be diagnosed Bipolar is strangely considered cool these days and Shrinks around the world are being forced to discover some Bipolar here or there !!!

However, the one thing good about this is that Bipolar disorder is losing its bad rep and gaining some celebrity on its own. So for real sufferers maybe better research is around the corner.

What we advice celebs these days: Being bisexual is totally cool, in fact anything goes, except for racial slurs, spousal abuse (Charlie Sheen) or serial cheating (Tiger Woods, Jesse James)  or other crimes. We could soon have more and more people coming out à la Anna Paquin who admitted she is bisexual.  Celebrity reputation management is sure getting spicier by the day!

So for someone like Mel Gibson who is supposedly having the now-cool Bipolar disorder its the anti-Sematic tirade or the Mel-tdown as its being called that will continue to haunt his reputation. Mel needs to keep up with sound reputation management –  he should never be without this backing!

Conclusion: So if you are a celebrity waiting to come out as a homosexual, the time is right, the world is ready for you, showering you with more money and followers on Twitter and Facebook.  ‘Bipolar’ should however be handled with kid gloves for now, buzz words have the nasty habit of losing their sheen quick.

Ricky Martin has opened new PR vistas by choosing his own biography for coming out as Gay – no Oprah Show or expansive article in a magazine for him! And…’the times they are a changing.’