Should companies bet on social media marketing?

Companies are mulling over the pros and cons of social media marketing – the top dollar invested in Facebook and Twitter to be precise. As an active tweeter I’d be the first to admit that paid tweets and tie-ups with NBC for Olympic tweets etc, sure seems a cop-out in Twitter’s free open platform format objective. However, let’s discard my indignant views aside for a moment and look upon the situation from a company’s point of view; and yes there’s more incensed thoughts there…

You pay to get ‘paid tweets’ – top billing, and yet there’s no end to the negative comments and trolls. And as for the actual revenue gained from these promoted tweets or Facebook Ads its anybody’s guess; in fact, its as mysterious as how Joseph Gorden-Lewitt’s character “just knows” Bruce Wayne is Batman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Twitter has marginally overtaken Facebook as the marketing channel to be in, in the wake of Facebook going public and the haziness as to how much the ads work for companies. It does not help that Facebook, as recently revealed, has more than 80 million fake users!! Continue reading “Should companies bet on social media marketing?”

Top Ten Reputation Management Tips

Ok, here should be a comprehensive guide to managing your own online reputation and the things you SHOULD be doing to preserve your own/brand name. If you’re here, you’ve already shown an interest in making sure you’re doing what you can to keep your head above the proverbial current of the internet. Or you’ve found yourself in an unpleasant situation and are facing unwarranted negative press/publicity and are seeking ways to rectify your situation.

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Justin Beiber Reputation, Brand building & Marketing via Social Media

If there’s one person trending worldwide on Twitter daily like clock-work it’s Justin Beiber! Justin who? Well, its not long before you realize that he is a 16-year-old who has become quite the rage among school girls and social network savvy teendom. While the rest of us may feel a little pained to see someone like him ruling Twitter daily, a little research and you realize this is a great PR story!

A marketing campaign like no other built up the ‘brand Beiber’. It all began with a couple of video clips on YouTube by his mom. These were seen by a few teenage girls, picked up by talent spotters on the prowl on YouTube along with Twitter doing its bit to help.

And today if you type ‘Justin’ on Google and you’ll see ‘Beiber’ being suggested before ‘Justin Timberlake’, another child star who made it big.

Within a short time Beiber has been to the White House, been on Oprah and his music video is the third most viewed of all time on YouTube! Well, any PR person or ORM expert knows this is the ultimate to aspire to both online and offline.

Safe to say, Justin Beiber is a classic study in the power of social networking sites in brand building and sustenance. Have to admit I’m  yet to listen to a Beiber number, so will refrain from commenting on that and of course escape the wrath of his screaming teen fans! 😉

Brands Reputation Online

This is my 2nd post on the online reputation of the worlds top 100 brands, in this post I am looking at number 11 on the list HP brand.

  • HP – They have a pretty good presence on the first page of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), they have their main site, sub domains and also smaller sites they run.  The wikipedia page is quite negative about them, it word be worth seeing if they can push that down the rankings.
  • Mercedes-Benz one of the few brands I have come across who seem to have a good handle with on and off line reputation management, maybe the car industry is so used to being scrutinized by motor journalists that they have got good at protecting their brand.  One bad article at the top of a SERP could effect sales dramatically.  What is interesting is if you search one of their products eg Mercedes-Benz c class then Mercedez does not dominate the SERPs as much.  I would focus my efforts as people will tend to search by product rather than just brand.
  • Gillette – Have done a great job on their overall brand name, with no negative results on the first page of Google. they have built sites for their products like Gillette fusion, so a big thumbs up, good job.  One thing I spotted though on a quick search there are about 70 user-names still available on social media sites.
  • Cisco – have got quite a few websites on the first page but the Wiki page is quite negative in parts.  There are also about 50 user names for Cisco available on the top 120 social sites
  • BMW – SERPs show BMW owned sites for most of the results and fan clubs which are positive, and  the wiki page is positive.  The specific products could do with some extra reputation management work as there is scope for negatives to creep up the SERPs.  Also BMW is only 3 characters which causes issue for the social network sites that normally need a minimum of 6 digits.  Suggest using their product names for user names.

Will continue down the list of top 100 brands in forth coming posts and make quick suggestions for brand protection.