Reputation management for Hotels – ‘Home away from Home’

It is a general notion that whatever ranks on Google is true and can be trusted; imagine someone running a hotel and receiving nothing but BAD reviews on a popular and trusted travel-website like ‘TripAdvisor that ranks high on Google.

If a hotel is trashed in reviews by a couple of users on TripAdvisor, then it is more than enough to bring its reputation down.

It won’t be easy to remove or block all negative comments about hotels, but one can always push them down by bringing good content up thereby making it rank on the first-pages of Google.

Top tips for Hotel Reputation Management:

  • Monitor social-networking sites, and other online media to check what people talk in general about your business
  • Respond to user comments, suggestions, feedback, complaints, and reviews, without fail
  • Regular communication and more of interaction with web-users on a daily basis helps, and can help one tap new business opportunities from nowhere
  • Actively communicate and interact with people/online users on some of these popular sites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn
  • Submit relevant theme-based audio-video, and textual files more, to keep the users engaged
  • Creating/joining different online communities and groups, for chat and discussion forums always help, to know minds of people
  • Update your website daily/often with new stories about the business, post blogs, news articles about events and conferences etc. to keep the users well-informed about the company
  • Holiday deals, discounts and offers, contests and giveaways can help in keeping the online users grooved to the business
  • Incorporate reputation management in the ERP system to automate the business activities, and to streamline the process
  • One can even seek experts and consultants for business reputation management strategies

Finally, outsourcing online reputation management to Reputation Management Companies can be a better choice for the service industry as a whole!

Two 5-Star hotel reviews up for just $5 – Hotel Reputation

We live by five star ratings to just about anything you can buy or do in the online world these days. To plan a holiday or buy a best-seller we go by ratings and reviews online on TripAdvisor or Amazon. Real people telling you their joyous experiences helping you decide it all. Or NOT! This New York Times article lifts the lid on fake rave reviews. Here is an excerpt… Continue reading “Two 5-Star hotel reviews up for just $5 – Hotel Reputation”

Why should hotels need an online complaint review?

The hospitality industry is yet to master the tricks to deal with reviews on social media. The user-generated reviews are exploding and consumers are gaining greater power to broadcast on communities like  Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Yelp, or any group of the social networking forums. The pace of this change has certainly caught many hotels off guard. A recent survey conducted by the Market Metrix and Trip Advisor found that 85% of the hotels have no guidelines on how to handle the negative guest reviews.

The hotels have always worked hard to keep their guests happy, in part because of the fact of repeat business to maximise occupancy, they fail to realise that one unhappy customer can take a huge toll on their reputation. This could result in losing  five other likely guests. With the advent of the social media, the hotel management needs to keep track of a huge crowd viewing an online negative comment or review which may be untrue.

This puts us back to the square one and the question is how to deal with the negative comments.

The standard responses like repeatedly stating how you value their feedback, without properly addressing the specific comment does not do any good to change the negative review online. Instead you could even address it to  the concerned online forum or review site could be the answer.

The hotel management could perhaps follow the comments on TripAdvisor and can prove foul play in those cases which they think it is a fabricated story. Therefore, complaint recovery acts as one of the best ways to build customer loyalty and negate your negative reviews.

So, look out for your online reputation, negative or positive, private or public, its time to take a more active role in the online dialogues. Keep an eye on your business reputation before it gets too bad or out of your control. Never ignore the online reviews, because in a later period it might cost you dearly!