Top 10 reputation crisis of 2010 – a recap!

Being Reputation Management Consultants,  Reputation Management, have come with our list of top 10 reputation crashes in the year that was! Being the festive season and all, we’re doing it as honors awarded to the great captains of Industries, firms, celebrities and brands that went through a reputation storm in 2010… Continue reading “Top 10 reputation crisis of 2010 – a recap!”

BP Global PR News

What can you do about fake twitter handles who steal your thunder? Well nothing!! BPGlobalPR is one such that’s enjoying a huge list of followers for his wry humor which seems to be the only way to digest the BP oil spill crisis. Re-tweeting his wisecracks, with the “BPcares” hashtag, have got me some weird comments from people who called me ‘insensitive’. I’ve had to explain that @BPGlobalPR is a fake account that yanks the ‘real’ BP PR chain.

BP has been dealing with this PR nightmare for long now and the latest effort has been in allowing writers to the area to convey to the world their side of the story. The company had placed a ban on journalists to the area and now seems to make amends with this new step. But then, no one seems to be buying it. Allowing their own PR guys disguised as journalists to provide interviews and other stories with a slant is really not going to help.

However, the papers are full of BP’s daily costs at handling the problem and is said to be at a total of $2.65bn (£1.76bn) and the problem has been raised at the  G20 Summit in Canada by both Obama and Cameron. They’ve agreed on wanting to keep BP stable while maintaining the pressure on them to clean up the problem. This means they’ve agreed to let BP continue their work in the Gulf of Mexico and BP shares has seen a slight increase in the market.

However, getting a BP sponsorship may not be something you need to agree on according to this BBC article

More than 170 creative artists have put their names to a letter attacking Tate Britain for accepting BP sponsorship.

The BP logo, the letter in The Guardian says, “represents a stain on the Tate’s international reputation”.

So, clearly being associated with BP in any way may not be a good idea for now.

Now onto other associated problems of the oil spill…  Americans who love seafood are a paranoid lot, if tourists are to be believed. You can see them tucking into shrimp and fish with a purpose on their holidays in Europe and Asia. Shrimp is the No. 1 seafood in the US and Louisiana tops in US shrimp output, so the Gulf oil spill has put a thick cloud over the future of the shrimp industry here. Feasting on seafood abroad maybe a good idea, indeed!

Let’s not forget that despite all efforts oil continues to spill by the gallons, the Google crisis page with the ticker is a chilling reminder. For now, we have the satire of fake accounts to see us through the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis and BP has to continue to endure the smart aleck jibes and carry on with their work and, of course, put on hold any endorsements plans they may have.

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