Reputation Management Online Through Right Response!

Researches prove that the right response to positive comments or negative complaints from customers can bring one’s lost good reputation back, online.

This new finding communicates a message to all those who strive hard to maintain a good reputation online. Brands/companies/celebrities, while having a good exposure to major social media channels always need to make use of this utility to communicate with their potential customers/clients/fans, which in reality they fail. It is surprising to find that most of the customers/fans/clients want the brands/companies/celebrities to have their attention. Customers/fans/clients make a positive feedback or pass a negative comment through major social media channels like twitter or Facebook, they expect a reply. Feedback is rated as something they would love you to do. Continue reading “Reputation Management Online Through Right Response!”

Katie Waissel – shame or opportunity?

The public don’t seem to like X Factor’s Katie Waissel. It might be that she is a bit posh with the cut glass accent and the eccentric styling. Each week, she just survives the audience vote with the help of the judges. The latest news concerning her gran’s activities as a high-class escort (aka prostitute) might destroy or be the making of Katie.

How she responds in public will be key. The upside for Katie is that it gives her some heartbreak which audiences love. Her persona to date has been difficult to grasp and the slightly insipid spoken personality can now become more overwrought. Reality TV is all about emotion and pain (witness the shenanigans on I’m a Celebrity… for evidence). Importantly she is unlikely to be blamed and having a dysfunctional family makes her like the rest of us. We can empathize which maybe we couldn’t before .

Mel Gibson keeping quiet the Tiger way

Mel Gibson by choosing to follow the footsteps of the disgraced golfer, Tiger Woods has only made his reputation slump from bad to worse. Just like Tiger chose to keep quiet  Mel Gibson too, remained out of the media eyes as soon as the accusations of  domestic abuse and the rant tapes got viral on the web. Even when this celebrated actor was dumped by his agents at William Morris he chose to keep silent and to remain in the oblivion, which was a badly executed reputation management plan from his side.

Even When Gibson’s attorneys  fiercely defended their boss by firing salvos against  his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva’s allegations, Gibson never came out into the open. So, did Gibson also made a costly mistake by not addressing his serious reputation issues, which assumed massive proportions with every passing day. But, Perhaps his silence has made the public believe that the tapes were probably real, which made his situation worse.

Gibson might have played it safe as he is infamous for his vitriolic tongue and by keeping his mouth shut  he might have thought to scramble home safely. Mel has been through such issues earlier also  and with each incident  it is becoming all the more difficult for him to  salvage his reputation. Silence might be golden in real world but not in the web where making  noise is the best way to prove your point, pull the crowd and to safeguard your online reputation.

Fame comes with a price – Social conduct and celebrity reputation!

Do you ever think before you act? If not, then better develop a habit of doing so, especially when you are a celebrity or known personality. Your behaviour has an immediate impact on your reputation, it might sound clichéd, but practically it makes a huge difference to your image and reputation.

Usually in case of celebs such reputation disasters occurs when misconducts or anger tarnishes their social image. Being vulnerable, a single false move can bring down the reputation drastically.
Behaviour and social conduct has a lot meaning and value when it comes to celebrities. Always in the limelight, these so called stars are social figures and their acts are watched by millions. Any bad conduct from their end can be axing their own feet. In many instance it has seen that, how celebrity image has fallen down by their misconducts or offensive acts. Whether it’s by being rude to the media or by having a foul mouth, violent behaviour in public is simply disgraceful.

Some of the offensive acts by the celebrities:

  • Lindsay Lohan was recently charged with carrying “contraband” found in her wrecked car.
  • Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving on a suspended license.
  • Mel Gibson verbally abusing and slapping his girl friend.

Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University said “Celebrities behaving badly is certainly not an uncommon thing to find throughout history and it is certainly not going to fade away.”

To maintain and protect your reputation today is far difficult than the hardships you faced to gain that fame, as the adage goes, “With great power comes great responsibilities”. In the same way, it asks for great responsibility to sustain that fame and glory.

However, if you are looking to rectify your flaws, then we at Reputation Management suggests, a concrete PR strategy and reputation management plan, which will help you to repair your lost image and resurrect from the damages. Reputation management even helps you to manage and enrich your reputation, and also helps to keep track of the status of your reputation. Celebrities and social figures are recommended to shield there reputation with a systematic reputation management plan, especially at a time when social networking has given people the space to air their views easily.

Sarah Palin – Tea Party, President ambitions and more!

The White House seems defensive and even apologetic to a growing number of people in the US and they are growing in numbers. The Tea Party Convention is the most striking example of the culmination of anti Obama views. This is a very large group of people against the healthcare plan and the large amount of taxes they are being charged by the Obama government.

Quick to ride the Tea-Party wave is Sarah Palin, who with her appearance as a speaker at the convention, made it clear she has her sights set on the presidency. Palin has been clawing her way out of bad press,  planning out her candidacy  after resigning as governor. She has penned a book and is now a political commentator on FoxNews and the stage was set at the Tea Party Convention when she said…

“This is about the people, and it’s bigger than any king or queen of a Tea Party. And it’s a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter”

Palin took a dig at Obama at the tea party convention and has even gone on to say if its right for America she is ready to run for President in 2012.

“Now a year later, I got to ask the supporters of all that, how is that hope-y, change-y stuff working out for you”

Statements from Palin, quite like the ones used during election campaigns.

Bad press continues: The speaker’s fee of $100,000 paid to Sarah Palin has been in the news and Palin has claimed it does not go to her but to her party’s campaigning fund but this had been dogging her. Other news reports talk of how involved her husband Todd Palin has been in the Alaska governance.

Sarah Palin is simply great bad press material, sometimes ridicule and most importantly great NEWS! One thing’s for sure Palin is everywhere and there she will remain for a long time to come.

As for the Democrats, it will be unwise on their part to take her lightly, the US has elected movie stars like Regan to the White House and even the first mixed race President in Obama, so could a woman be far behind? ?

If Obama bungles up on the healthcare program and the national security issues and continue to remain on the defensive chances are Sarah Palin is right there to take his place.

For now even the Tea Party Convention don’t want her as their leader but in the times we are in, the Democrats better be wary even though Sarah Palin may seem like no Margaret Thatcher or Indira Gandhi!

The Sarah Palin brand chugs on and she as a politician is building up both her celebrity and her reputation.

Van Morrison Hacked – ‘reclusive celebrity’ a thing of the past?

Van Morrison is furiously telling the world that his page was hacked and the claims, that he is a father at 64, is completely false. In this day and age a celebrity wanting to hold dear his/her privacy will find things quite difficult.

The Van Morrison website on Tuesday claimed he had become a dad to George Ivan Morrison III at the age of 64. Producer Gigi was named the mother and that the baby boy was the spitting image of his famous father.

“Totally false, its a hoax” say the new reports from Van, who lives with his wife who is the mother of his two children, today. To have hackers break into your website twice in two months and put out false news about you with the right amount of shock value is just what it takes to get even the most reclusive people come out and defend their reputation.

This story asks these questions – “Can you be a famous recluse these days?” Can a celebrity for reasons known only to them pull a Greta Garbo on the public these days? Can someone simply hack into your site and make shocking claims and force you back into the limelight? Granted Van Morrison was not a recluse, but the prospects of getting a JD Salinger out of his house and into the open is going to be the mother of all scoops, right?

Celebrities are lucky people, but unfortunately very vulnerable to attacks from hackers to paparazzi and from malicious web sites to extortion attempts from people looking to make quick money. People in their employment or trust can any day threaten to reveal their secrets to a tabloid. It’s always the proverbial sword over the head situation.

Celebrity reputation management is serious and round-the-clock work. Online reputation management for celebrities is double the trouble. Unlike the new breed of celebritieswho thrive on shock value and planned wardrobe malfunction just to be in the spotlight, celebrities who have cult status can find the world is a voyeuristic place these days.

A reclusive celebrity may just be a thing of the past, stuff of legends even!

Sarah Palin clawing her way out of bad press?

Like all public figures who decide to re-invent themselves to stay in the spotlight, Sarah Palin is out with her new book ‘Going Rogue.’

She is clearly taking on her party and trying to give her side of things and no one’s buying any of it. From what we can analyse here, it looks like a step towards becoming a celebrity and from then on probably even onto the White House!

However, if she has indeed set her sights upon the White House, she is in serious need of some excellent reputation management.

For one, though the book has succeeded in generating an initial buzz (as it was bound to), the critics  have panned it and derided it,  calling it her version of ‘being wronged.’

We feel she has begun her long road to recovery in reputation re-building and with her grandchild’s dad now a Playgirl model, Palin has not had it easy for long time now.

The book has stayed clear of personal issues like dissing on Levi Johnson and is more focussed on  explaining her wardrobe budget and problems with the McCain campaign mangers. Sarah Palin is back and everywhere – on Oprah and even the Martha Stewart show and book signing sprees.

If there’s anyone who has seen the highs and lows of public life it is this former Vice President candidate. From a well-loved Governor who made great reforms by taking on the oil lobby to being the Republican poster girl who seriously stole some of Obama’s thunder she has come a long way. The highs were really high and the falls were really low.

The lows began with the Katie Couric interview where she was caught with her foot in her mouth several times to the point of looking uncomfortable and even naïve in the big bad world of politics.  She had it all a great husband good looking kids and she herself looked the part. The Republican party splurging on her wardrobe and the repercussions of that and her 16-year-old daughter getting pregnant all came at the wrong time.

Damage control came in the form of coming clean about the teen pregnancy while grappling once more with the effects of her views on abortion. She suddenly seemed regressive despite her ‘soccer mom’ persona that once endeared her to the masses. Modern women turned against her and even as the world were charmed by her including the Pakistan President Sardari praising her looks did not help – Sarah Palin was on the back-foot on home turf. The rest is history – Barack Obama became the President and the McCain camp revealed the rift within the party and before you know there was Palin back in Alaska with a new grandchild.

While we can all assume that she is headed to the White House or trying to get back into politics or attain celebrity status. We suggest that Palin continues on reputation rebuilding with her Tweets, Facebook posts and blogs; and if time is a constraint, why not employ experts like us on Reputation Management.

Calling All Celebrity Agents

Celebrirty Agents and PR
Celebrirty Agents and PR

We are now working with celebrity agents and PR companies to offer their clients a dedicated online reputation management and damage limitation service.

We offer professional celebrity agents, personalised and discounted services for their clients.   Our team are experienced in protecting people and companies on the Internet through a very proactive and aggressive approach.  We can quickly react to help bury negative content and help protect a celebrities name on the Internet.

Online reputation management works well as part of a mix through traditional PR and Damage Limitation, no other group of individual attract attention of the media and public alike.  Everyday people are blogging and posting content from fans, journalists, critics and all are fighting for the space of the celebrities name.  Our team will take a pro active approach to smother the Internet with positive content that we control, rather than allowing others to and write what they like whether it’s true or not.

Even if you take legal action, it can take months if not years to get anything removed from the net, by which time in many ways its late as the damage has already been done.  Being proactive and taking positive steps can certainly help with damage limitation, in newspapers quite often you have to react once a story is out there, however on the Internet you can stop it getting up in the search results or at least make it more difficult for 3rd parties to attack your celebrity clients.

Whether you’re a publicist, agent, or manager we offer a variety of options for white labelling, co-branding, reselling, or referral commissions.

Contact us in complete confidentiality on Call: UK +44(0)845 862 1893, USA +1 646 723 3965

Journalists and reporters will dig deeper

reporters celebrity reputationJournalists and reporters will dig deeper than your normal websurfer as often they need to dig deep to try and find a story.  Journalists are trained to search and find facts, figures,  documents or articles they can use and also reference.  It’s critical for any celebrity or politician that they understand how any investigative reporter will search as deep as possible.

Journalist’s attitude is there really is not thing as a small story, so if they find anything about a celebrity, it can quickly flare up into something you don’t want people to know.  Although there maybe less journalists out there as papers scale down, what has replaced them is the millions of bloggers, and now more than ever they are realising how effective a good blog posting can be to attract traffic.

A reporter can reference a website, article, forum even if the information on the 3rd party site is incorrect.  If you can get the 3rd party site to take down or remove the content then you have to ask the newspaper, reporter also to do the same.  This can be very time consuming and costly.  Also if you are well known celeb the last thing you want is to bring even more limelight to an article if you have to take them to court.

Reporters will go past page 1 and 2 in google search results, often page 10 to 20 is still in the radar, we combat this by filling the search results with positive content.  We have a team of 50 staff who are trained in burying negative bad press online.  The easiest solution is to take a preemptive approach and before negative content is allowed to move up is flood the internet with positive stories.

What we will do

  • Control and set up social network sites
  • Publish articles online
  • SEO your own website(s)
  • Release press releases online
  • Monitor the net for any rising issues

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