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New online web design company Appco Group Services, launched last week to help companies improve their presence online.  They offer full online solutions from web design to marketing including SEO.  Design and content are so important today, so getting the right advice is critical.

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The future of residential utility bills – Appco Group

Who’d have thought that getting Power to the People would end up so expensive? The general public is currently up in arms over news that gas and electricity suppliers are set to increase their prices by up to 20% as of August of this year. And though this has become a political hotspot and a point of contention between the Labour and Conservative parties, more people are focused on the effects this could have on the consumers themselves.

Market experts at Appco Group UK have observed that the rates at which energy prices are set to hike could result in 1 in 5 people finding themselves in ‘fuel poverty’ – spending 10% or more of their income on utilities. Power suppliers however maintain that the increase in costs is reflective of current global energy costs. And, with a greater emphasis being placed on renewable energy sources (which despite advances in the technologies are still more expensive) it looks like a trend that’s set to continue for the forseeable future at least.

Bill-payers currently feel trapped. While not all the gas and electricity suppliers have announced price hikes yet, the biggest names have all suggested that they’re not in a position to avoid them, either. People will want to ensure they’re getting the best deals, but with the industry currently as indecisive as it is – it’s harder to know where to look. People might not be keen to leave one supplier in favour of another for fear that the grass might not stay greener for long enough to make the change worthwhile.

Companies will need to keep a competitive edge and place greater focus on customer relations if they hope to save face in lieu of pending price changes. Sales representatives and customer services will need to be tentative to a now-weary consumer base and have a greater awareness both of what they’re offering and how it’s likely to be received. Now more than ever there shall be an emphasis on building rapport with customer with face to face time being the order of the day. Appco Group UK say the best advice to consumers at the moment would be to explore options fully and take up any offers of information to help you make the best financial decisions for your household.

Appco Group U.S. Move Into 30 West 21st Street

Beck Street Capital, a private real estate investment firm, today announced that Appco Group U.S., Inc., one of the world’s largest sales and marketing companies, has signed a lease for the sixth floor of 30 West 21st Street in New York City.

“30 West 21st Street is a great location for a fast-growing, entrepreneurial organization with global presence like Appco Group U.S.,” said Kevin Comer, Senior Managing Director of Beck Street Capital. “30 West 21st Street offers one of a kind luxury amenities including one of New York City’s only private, landscaped gardens, concierge service, a modern, renovated lobby and a location at the crossroads of Flatiron, Chelsea, Gramercy and Union Square.”

“30 West 21st Street is a wonderful space for our first U.S. office and headquarters,” said Kerry Johnstone, Chief Operating Officer of Appco Group U.S. “We are looking forward to building roots in the U.S. and this is the perfect platform for our expansion.”

30 West 21st Street, acquired by Beck Street Capital in May 2007, is a 12-story luxury commercial building located between 5th and 6th Avenues. For more about 30 West 21st Street, visit

Nora Stats and Daniel Creighton of Tarter Stats O’Toole handled the transaction for Beck Street Capital and Thomas Jacobs of Rice and Associates represented Appco Group U.S. Stats commented, “The location and the prestige of the building fit the needs of Appco Group as it looked to expand its international operations into the United States and establish an immediate presence in New York City.”

Appco Group U.S., Inc. is part of Appco Group, a member of the Cobra Group of Companies, a young, diversified group of companies with interests in sales and marketing, insurance, energy, financial services, high-tech security, field marketing & promotions, business process outsourcing, mid-range super yachts and motorsport. Appco Group is one of the world’s largest and most successful sales and marketing companies with presence across five continents in over 20 countries.