How easy it is to attack your reputation online

With social sites it’s so easy now to set up an account pretending to be company or person and write anything.  We have seen clients brands used without their knowledge and then start to wonder why the enquiries coming from the website have dropped.  When we search on line we discover result 3 and 4 contain negative content often which is incorrect or unjustified.

The problem with network sites is many of them carry a lot of weight in the search results so it’s quite easy to rank well for a company or persons name as they tend not to be very competitive search terms.

As part of our online reputation management service we register you with all the main social network sites not only to help with your branding but also to stop hoax accounts being set up.

Doctors Reputation Management

The speedy and easy publication procedure that is now available to nearly every Internet user is, without doubt, a distinct and powerful double-edged sword. When used properly, self-promotion of your specialistic physician practice is both accomplishable and effectual. Yet, this “click of a mouse” publishing can also hinder your practice useless if leveraged maliciously by unhappy clients or wrong competitors. If the latter of these situations has happened to your name or your medical practice, or even if you fear that it may happen to you in the near-future, there are high-level steps that you can take as a physician to prevent and reverse such time of life tactics on the digital landscape. Physician Reputation Management can protect your specialized medical practice while at the same time raising positive brand awareness and market presence.

It is of utmost importance that you as a specialized physician allow a large typical sample of your patients dictate the objective feedback about your procedures and their experiences with your medical practice. By creating controlled and open forums of communication, specialized physicians can take a preventative approach to depot  bang-up feedback and reputation rather than waiting for a single unhappy anomalousness to spread false information about your medical services.

Forums can be a nightmare for reputation management

We had a case recently where a PR company decided to tackle some negative comments about a client on a popular negative forum.  The backlash was immense and completely back fired.

Here are the main reasons for not tackling forums.

  1. Forums are traditionally places where people like to complain, the last thing they want is someone to defend the company, their attitude is you can put your positive info some where else.
  2. You can’t control the content on a 3rd party forum site so its really risky, any thread you begin will start out positive but will quickly attract negative content.
  3. Last but not least, the most important reason, by adding more content onto these types of sites you encourage Google to rank it higher.  Especially if it attracts more people to attack the company and add even more content.

The PR companies  intention was good, but you cannot apply the same methods you would use in publications (Traditional PR) to the Internet as you will get hammered.

Also sites like Wiki and  Facebook can bite you if you are not careful and incorrectly set up.

The steps needed for successful Reputation Management

We can do reputation management in different steps. The first part is identifying and evaluating all negative search results and establishing a plan. We cannot delete negative publicity from the search engines but the negative notices can be moved down and most probably removed from the first page. Moving it from the first page itself can be very effective as most search engine users will look on to the first page of results.

The second part of our service is to give positive impression through positive content. And bring that to the top of the search engines. As these can be controlled by the clients itself, it will definitely enhance and expand their online reputation.

In addition to creating new positive impressions to be posted on the Internet, we can promote positive results so these results will rank higher in the search engines. The success of this process do depends on the works of writing, promotion, public relation and search engine optimization skills. If you need effective results, then these steps need to be performed on an ongoing basis until the objectives are achieved depending upon the severity of the bad publicity. Sometimes the results can take many months to achieve.

Go here for more in-depth Steps for Reputation Management

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Join hands with us and pep up your hotel business

Bogged down by the  bad press your hotel gets online? It sure is a challenge to stay abreast of all those nasty comments written about you. Prospective customers are heavily dependent on  online information as it is just a click away. And chances are they gulp down every inane written  online. A stray comment here and there can make or break business So the bad news is that negative publicity about your hotel can  make it online very easily and dampen your sales. And the good news is that we can help monitor and eliminate it.

Give your business a short in the arm with our  reputation management service. There is a steady flow of information on the web. Any lay man can create a blog and step into the shoes of a journalist and air his views. There are also a horde of travel websites and travel agencies that invite comments from customers. Where an even tempered customer may just  turn up his nose, a cranky customer may put up some ridiculous comments. When you are facing cut-throat competition, stepping up measures to curtail negative publicity will keep you in good stead.

The first step towards curbing negative publicity is knowing what is written about you, where it appears and when. We will set up a review tracking system and monitor all content written about you. We will also track information on your rival hotels and this will give you a better idea of the current scenario. We know that prevention is better than cure , so we use a proactive approach rather than a reactive one.

Online University Reputation

Now a days, even on your search for top rated universities you can come upon many sites which show negative comments posted. The ultimate result is that the reputation of those universities will get affected. Due to this, the rating of these well known universities plummet notwithstanding the good reputation they enjoy in the real world and it brings a negative effect about them on the web.

Its quite natural that when a person experiences a good service they often forget to post a positive comment. But when they receive something below their expectations for the money they pay, they tend to remember the fact and turn out expressing the same in the form of strong negative comments. It is mainly because of this negative criticism that the good reputation of universities are affected negatively inspite of them having a lot of other positive qualities.

We here at reputation management can very well understand the declined impact about your university due to these negative content and comments. We can help you manage these issues and aid you in getting a positive online effect by means of good content coupled with lots of hard work. So keep your worries about negative content away! Get in touch with us and be satisfied with a good result.

HR Reputation

It is very much evident that how the first page result from a search has gained more and more importance and now it is treated to be most valued searches. Usually human resources departments try to get apt persons by searching the net in order to see whether there are any job applicants who meet their criterias.

Many job searchers do not succeed in getting persons whom they require because of the negative search results. On the other hand job seekers are also disqualified because of unflattering results. For a job searcher, search engine results are more important than the resumes of the candidates which they distribute to potential employers. We analyse the Internet to dig up every possible piece of information about you and then we present it to you and enables you to review everything that’s available about you online. If there is unwanted content about you on the Internet, our expert team will work to diminish the value of that information.

Everyone has an online reputation, whether they realise it or not. You cannot leave your reputation unattended for another day!For more information, give us a call on +44 (0)871 789 6200  or mail us at:

Horizon Realty’s Mistake

Until 3 weeks ago, none of us had heard of Horizon Realty in Chicago, and if they had ignored Amanda Bonnent’s pesky comments on Twitter it would have stayed that way. Lets face it: when she tweeted her complaints about her apartment she only had 30 followers, many of whom would already have known.

But… Horizon made a critical mistake. They responded to her criticism rather than ignoring it and within days they were being widely reviled across the Internet community.

Never confront critics directly online! You can address their criticisms directly offline and then ask them to amend their criticisms and comments. You can address them indirectly offline as well.

What you cannot do is give the impression that you are silencing them or at least trying to.

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