Reddy has the Readies

In English slang, the expression “readies” refers to having bank notes to hand. “Have you got the readies?” would be one usage.

The Reddy family have chosen to celebrate the wedding of their daughter with a £5million wedding near Bangalore at exactly the same time as the rest of India is trying to scrape together a few rupees. They clearly have the readies! Coming from a man who was previously and is still under investigation for all manner of misdemenours – Cloth Ears, or what?

As you might expect, Indians are not impressed!

Apple’s New Laptops

pexels-photoWhat’s up with Apple? As a company they have always had a reputation for being out front and ahead of the curve. Up til now!
Their revently announced new laptops are the same as the old ones except for a few (seemingly pointless ) gizmos. Does it matter. I think it does because these are the laptops that creatives and fashion leaders use and it from them that Apple’s reputation has been built. The response from them has been underwhelming to say the least just at the same moment as the boring company Microsoft seems to be getting its shit together with the various iterations of the Surface line.

Branding and reputation are subtle and nuanced and the deterioration of a brand starts many years before it is really evident on the street. Over the past two years, it feels as though Apple have kept missing the bulls eye with their launches. The iPhones have been underwhelmingly received, the apple watch seems moribund – almost a joke in some circles and now the laptops seem forgettable.


see the cries of horror from the key constituency – designers, creatives and “makers” whose schutzpah drives the underlying meaning of the Apple brand!

New MacBook Pros and the State of the Mac

The Impact of the USA Election

Is there anyone in the whole world who is not amazed , shocked, frustrated and appalled by the dumpster fire that is this presidential election.

Neither candidate is anything other than completely unlikeable and their popularity ratings are the lowest in  History. To say that both reputations has been completely destroyed during the election is an understatement. A more interesting question is what impact does this election have on American democracy and it’s authority around the World.

There are so many negative things to say about this election cycle that it’s hard to know where to start. With a population of over 200 million people comma you would think that the Americans could come up with a more exciting pair of candidates. Then there is the behaviour of both the media and the electric as a whole who has absolutely failed to bring balance to the proceedings. Then there is the almost complete absence of facts and the way the election has been blanketed in a lurid covering of innuendo.

It’s no surprise that the rest of the world is laughing and countries used to being lectured by the United States are now pondering on the question of whether American democracy is a workable system anymore.

This is an outstanding example of reputation disaster in action. It starts at the top and then works it way down until the only person who comes unscathed is Michelle Obama, it would seem.

Should companies bet on social media marketing?

Companies are mulling over the pros and cons of social media marketing – the top dollar invested in Facebook and Twitter to be precise. As an active tweeter I’d be the first to admit that paid tweets and tie-ups with NBC for Olympic tweets etc, sure seems a cop-out in Twitter’s free open platform format objective. However, let’s discard my indignant views aside for a moment and look upon the situation from a company’s point of view; and yes there’s more incensed thoughts there…

You pay to get ‘paid tweets’ – top billing, and yet there’s no end to the negative comments and trolls. And as for the actual revenue gained from these promoted tweets or Facebook Ads its anybody’s guess; in fact, its as mysterious as how Joseph Gorden-Lewitt’s character “just knows” Bruce Wayne is Batman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Twitter has marginally overtaken Facebook as the marketing channel to be in, in the wake of Facebook going public and the haziness as to how much the ads work for companies. It does not help that Facebook, as recently revealed, has more than 80 million fake users!! Continue reading “Should companies bet on social media marketing?”

Twitter to lose its reputation as a free speech platform?

Twitter is in a Catch 22 situation; it is stuck between local country laws and the freedom of speech of the Internet users and has opened its doors to censorship.

To abide with the law of the land in different countries, the microblogging site has decided it MAY ‘reactively withhold’ offensive tweets on a country-by-country basis. Well, so much for being the free-speech platform that it was all this time!  Twitter has even cited reference of ‘pro-Nazi’ contents for users in Germany and France, to substantiate its move in its blog.

In a world comprised of different people with different ideas, this move from Twitter has been welcomed by few though the large chunk of Twiterati is wary and complaining.  Continue reading “Twitter to lose its reputation as a free speech platform?”

Reputation Management Tip for 2012: Brands need to tap into social media search!

If in the past, we’d turn to our family or friends circles for recommendations, advice, opinions or answers, it then turned towards “” ever since it appeared on the virtual scene. Today, we are once again back to asking friends and family circles with the help of this World Wide Web. The 3 W’s have given birth to several new generation virtualities, especially the ‘social media’. Now, ‘social media’ is the best source of recommendations for nearly everything including the reputation of your brand.

Social media has emerged itself into a vast number of siblings such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Linkedin, Google Plus and so on and on the list goes. Social media and search are converging because search engines are incorporating social signals. Google, Bing and Yahoo have incorporated Facebook likes and Twitter’s tweets into their organic search results. Now, searchers see results in different formats based on activity within their social networks. Continue reading “Reputation Management Tip for 2012: Brands need to tap into social media search!”

Facebook Timeline and Reputation Management

Facebook has finally rolled out the Timeline for all and all you have to do is go here and click ‘Get it now‘. The FB Timeline comes with a seven day grace period to delete stuff that you did (videos, photos, status updates) that you don’t want to be on your Timeline. Warning – When you first see the Facebook Timeline… you are in for a SHOCK!!

What you will see is every single thing you did since joining Facebook neatly arranged under a timeline of years and months. For users who have made the cheesiest status updates and other cringe-worthy quips( in hindsight) it will require a dedicated period of time to go back and decide what should be highlighted or removed from the timeline before its published for all to see. Yes, there is a ‘Publish’ tab to click after doing the necessary changes before the timeline goes live. So what are the advantages? Continue reading “Facebook Timeline and Reputation Management”

Wall Street Journal Amends Privacy Policy

The WSJ (Wall Street Journal) has announced substantive changes to its privacy policy ” to allow the site to connect personally identifiable information with Web browsing data without user consent.” This is a migration from a previous policy of obtaining  “express affirmative consent” from its users. The WSJ describe the change as ” part of a larger effort by the Journal to streamline and simplify privacy policies across its network of websites”. It is not being applied retroactively which means that present subscribers will not impacted by the change. In other words, it is partly streamlining its policies! Continue reading “Wall Street Journal Amends Privacy Policy”

Speedo Takes Aussie Blogger To Court

Sportswear giants Speedo have taken a break from smuggling budgies and started down the path of smuggling bloggers to court as it’s revealed they’re unhappy with one Australian blogger who’s “using their brand name in vain”.
Continue reading “Speedo Takes Aussie Blogger To Court”

To have a Wikipedia page or not? Small Business Reputation Management

Wikipedia began with the noble intention of providing all with free information on anything under the sun. So yes, the content should be impersonal or neutral and in an openly editable model. So unlike an encyclopedia, which is written by experts, the Wikipedia content is largely written by volunteers who do so without pay.

The big advantage: By virtue of being a favoured site by Google, the SEO or ORM implications of having a Wiki page for your small business are huge. Wikipedia pages usually rank on the first pages of Google and other search engines.

Should you have a Wikipedia page for your small business?  Continue reading “To have a Wikipedia page or not? Small Business Reputation Management”