Reputation Management Online Through Right Response!

Researches prove that the right response to positive comments or negative complaints from customers can bring one’s lost good reputation back, online.

This new finding communicates a message to all those who strive hard to maintain a good reputation online. Brands/companies/celebrities, while having a good exposure to major social media channels always need to make use of this utility to communicate with their potential customers/clients/fans, which in reality they fail. It is surprising to find that most of the customers/fans/clients want the brands/companies/celebrities to have their attention. Customers/fans/clients make a positive feedback or pass a negative comment through major social media channels like twitter or Facebook, they expect a reply. Feedback is rated as something they would love you to do. Continue reading “Reputation Management Online Through Right Response!”

Physicians’ Reputation- do you encourage positive reviews from patients?

Our finding shows that most doctors worry about negative reviews posted about them on review websites. Physicians’ know that it’s just the mouthing off unhappy patients. Review website often doesn’t take the responsibility to ascertain the negative reviews are baseless and fictional. For example In one case we found a “review” that was demeaning beyond belief, the so-called patient was an ex- girlfriend of that physician and she had a personal agenda in doing so. But not everybody will realize the quality of such information and the significant impact it has on the physician. Continue reading “Physicians’ Reputation- do you encourage positive reviews from patients?”

Murdoch reputation takes a hit

This happens when you don’t handle crisis the way it should be. Murdoch’s News Corp is facing the heat over its phone hacking scandal, which is doing significant damage to its reputation. Interestingly the news broke out just in time when Murdoch was going to take over the British Sky Broadcasting. Later giving in to the pressure from the UK Govt, he dropped his plan. Continue reading “Murdoch reputation takes a hit”

How to avoid accidental social media disasters

Do you have an active social media life? If the answer is a ‘Yes’ you need to be reading this post.

Post the ‘Weinergate’ incident, when an accidental tweet with an obscene photo that should have been made via direct message to an on-line girlfriend went public on Rep. Weiner’s timeline forcing his resignation, it is time to list out ways to avoid such social media disasters.

Armed with Android smartphones and numerous social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter is by itself a challenging situation. So you have your personal Twitter and Facebook account, and your companies’/clients’ both on a computer and sometimes even on your smartphone. Juggling these daily is daunting to say the least.

The other aspect is your own social life and how you conduct yourself in social circles, what pictures you post on Twitter and Facebook and so on. Ask around and you’re sure to know quite a number of people who have suffered the ‘Freudian slip’ or in this case the ‘Freudian click’ sending the wrong message to an ex-flame/spouse. You end up dealing with not just the horror of such a predicament but also the sinking feeling that it could have been easily avoided.

Here’s how you can avoid accidental social media disasters: Continue reading “How to avoid accidental social media disasters”

FIFA Prove Existence of Parallel Universe

Contemporary physicists have proposed a theory of the multiverse: that our universe is just one of many. Sceptics of the theory only need only look at FIFA and its president Sepp Blatter to realise that there must be some truth to the theory, because whatever universe Sepp Blatter inhabits, it is certainly not this one. FIFA has long been byword for corruption, back-handers, opaque processes and the steady drip of scandal. Even by their tawdry standards, this last week has been utterly awful with senior members suspended and now the most farcical of “elections” with just one candidate planned for this Wednesday. Continue reading “FIFA Prove Existence of Parallel Universe”

How to become even more unpopular

Did the board of directors of RBOS know about his affair? That is the most fascinating question arising from the lifting of the injunction on reporting of Sir Fred Goodwins affair with a colleague. CEO’s are frequently high profile individuals whose persona is stamped on the company they run. Think Virgin and Branson or Apple and Steve Jobs.
A recurring criticism of Goodwin was that he ran the company like a personal fiefdom with an abrupt and arrogant management style that seemed to encourage flunkies and discourage criticism and internal scepticism. The next few months will be interesting as we read more about the affair and how it impacted his decisions at the bank.
Board directors should pay attention: managing the company’s reputation is a board matter and if the CEO and company are inextricably linkedthey need to reassure themselves that their CEO is behaving with the utmost probity if it is not to impact share prices.
As for Sir Fred: well, he is already one of the most unpopular people in the UK. He has just shown us how to be even more unpopular.

Top Ten Don’ts of Reputation Management

Yesterday we did a piece on the Top Ten Reputation Management Tips, detailing 10 things you really should be doing to preserve your own/brand name on t’internet. And, while we freely admit that the list wasn’t exhaustive, there are also some things which – equally as importantly – you should NOT be doing. Whilst amicable that you should wish to fix any issues that may arise, within you is the potential to make things a whole lot worse, too.

Continue reading “Top Ten Don’ts of Reputation Management”

Top Ten Reputation Management Tips

Ok, here should be a comprehensive guide to managing your own online reputation and the things you SHOULD be doing to preserve your own/brand name. If you’re here, you’ve already shown an interest in making sure you’re doing what you can to keep your head above the proverbial current of the internet. Or you’ve found yourself in an unpleasant situation and are facing unwarranted negative press/publicity and are seeking ways to rectify your situation.

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#Injunctionsuper goes global

Twitter has outed the celebrities who have taken out super injunctions in the british courts to stop the press mentioning their names and to protect their reputations. Twitter users know who they are now after a weekend of febrile speculation and outing. What does it mean? Continue reading “#Injunctionsuper goes global”

Know Thy (Social Networking) Self

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. They say that impersonation is a form of imitation. Ergo, shouldn’t impersonation thus be considered flattery? Well, no – not really. Especially not if, whilst impersonating you, they’re actively making you look bad. And unfortunately, this is becoming an increasingly ‘popular’ practice amongst social networking sites.#

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