BlackBerry Blackout- RIM’s Reputation Takes another Hit

Canada’s technology champion, Research In Motion Ltd is scrambling to remedy back its reputation, as an extensive series of lingering service blackouts around the world left millions of BlackBerry owners in the dark without access to emails or instant messages. The international confidence in RIM plummeted.

Last week, blackouts that began Monday in Europe, Africa and the Middle East spread to North America, knocking BlackBerry users in the United States and Canada off-line. Service disruptions were also reported in South America, Hong Kong and Japan. The annoyed BlackBerry users around the world took to Twitter and Facebook to vent out their anger. This is an example oh how the reputation of one company can be spoiled within minutes with one mistake. Continue reading “BlackBerry Blackout- RIM’s Reputation Takes another Hit”

Two 5-Star hotel reviews up for just $5 – Hotel Reputation

We live by five star ratings to just about anything you can buy or do in the online world these days. To plan a holiday or buy a best-seller we go by ratings and reviews online on TripAdvisor or Amazon. Real people telling you their joyous experiences helping you decide it all. Or NOT! This New York Times article lifts the lid on fake rave reviews. Here is an excerpt… Continue reading “Two 5-Star hotel reviews up for just $5 – Hotel Reputation”

How not to tweet during a tragedy – Co. Reputation Management Lesson!

‘Yet another talent lost early’  as tributes to Amy Winehouse pour in, there are quite a few shameless self-promotions going on out to market her sudden death. This post is not to serve as an eulogy to Amy but to point out to companies how not to market on their official twitter accounts during the death of a celebrity.

‘Should Traffic Ever Trump Taste?‘  gives two examples of  such behaviour and we pick the Microsoft UK PR twitter handle post – and yes they were crass enough to post this…

Clearly their later apology and tribute did nothing to cover up the real intention of the tweet.

This is a great example of how not to be a PR handle on Twitter and clearly puts Microsoft UK  in a bad light, despite the opportunity of increased sales of Amy’s music. Definitely a big ‘thumbs down’ from us here at Reputation Management


Anthony Weiner Lewd photo – Twitter stardom gone sour

Rep. Anthony Weiner was only a few days ago a Twitter celebrity  with a large following and also listed in Time Magazine’s top 140 Tweeps to follow. Politicians who do well on Twitter are rare and Weiner sure had his moments, he’s funny and is not afraid to speak his mind.

Anthony Weiner is of course now embroiled in a controversy.  His twitter account sent a lewd photo to a Seattle college student. He then screamed ‘his twitter was hacked’, and later said he cannot be sure if the picture was actually his. Democrats, Weiner’s party backers, have distanced themselves from him and comedians are having a field day punning his name.

“I can’t say with certitude,” … “My system was hacked. Pictures can be manipulated.”

Weiner on reputation damage control mode made quite a few errors…

Continue reading “Anthony Weiner Lewd photo – Twitter stardom gone sour”

SyFy Kills Stargate Universe (SGU) And Reputation

[Updated 13/06/2011] I don’t envy the work of a TV Network President. I envy the salary, sure – but trying to ensure that television continues to make money at the cost of quality, principles and a core fanbase can’t be easy. That’s probably not the way the job should work, but just try telling that to Dave Howe, President of NBC Universal’s ‘SyFy’ television network. Hordes of fans are turning their backs on the cable channel, and it’s primarily down to the decision to cancel fans’ favourite: Stargate Universe.

Continue reading “SyFy Kills Stargate Universe (SGU) And Reputation”

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Charlie Sheen meltdown & celebrity reputation

2011 is seeing its first great celebrity meltdown with Charlie Sheen; and as reputations went, he clearly was the highest paid TV actor, and all this is changing.  Charlie joined Twitter in the middle of it all and in 24 hours @charliesheen has amassed a following of  1077386 and counting.

His tweeting fascinates one and all, from his ‘goddesses’ and twin boys’ pictures to his polygamous life its all in the headlines. Talk shows are increasing viewership with a Sheen appearance like Piers Morgan did or ABC did. Hugh Hefner may soon have a successor in Charlie Sheen, but Two and a Half Men is cancelled and his soon to be ex-wife has managed to get their twin boys out of the house and away from their dad. Continue reading “Charlie Sheen meltdown & celebrity reputation”

10 things to not share on Facebook, Twitter

Over-sharing on Facebook is getting contagious by the minute, and this spikes when you go through a personal upheaval. Death in the family is one of those vulnerable moments when you dig up old family pictures and post onFacebook and Twitter. On the flip side a wedding – happy event has you posting your happy pictures in a similar way. But all these lead to oversharing at a later date as things change in your life.

Over-sharing is perhaps up to one’s personal boundaries and can be different from person to person. However, there are a few things you should never share on social media. At Reputation Management these are the top 10 things to never share on social media. Continue reading “10 things to not share on Facebook, Twitter”

Cesc Fabregas the Latest in Twitter Controversy

In an era whereby the mainstream media is overpopulated by nerds in their mothers basements writing up scandals on blogs and forums, it’s sometimes easy forget that normal people use the internet too. But nothing carries itself faster over the internet than a celebrity being lambasted on a social networking site by another celebrity. Cesc Fabregas found this out recently as he and thousands of others read on Huddersfield Town’s Anthony Pilkington some disparaging comments about the Arsenal captain’s antics after the 2-1 victory over Huddersfield in the FA Cup.

Continue reading “Cesc Fabregas the Latest in Twitter Controversy”

The Facebook blunder that watered down the reputation of Bing Lee

The electronics retailer Bing Lee  found itself in  deep waters after being slammed by social media experts for setting up a  facebook campaign for the Queensland flood victims through which it pledged to donate $1 to the Queensland flood appeal for every user who became its fan!

Bing Lee raised a few eyebrows as it tried to cash in on the sentimental factor associated with the floods to notch up the popularity of its site.  The opportunistic marketing tactic was attacked bluntly on twitter by its users who adopted the hashtag #charityfail to drive home the message. Continue reading “The Facebook blunder that watered down the reputation of Bing Lee”