BofA buys scores of domains in its knee jerk reaction to safeguard its reputation

BofA  has bought domains that contain their CEO’s name and the words “blows” and “sucks” in a well calculated move to stall the onslaught on their goodwill. Though it might sound like a bad joke for some, it could be a well timed RM strategy for BofA if everything works out fine.

It all happened like this – In December 2010 when Wikileaks’ founder, Julian Assange, announced that he has information that “could take down a bank or two”, many people assumed that one of these could be  Bank of America. Though no names have come out as yet and everything is still a mystery,  BofA is leaving nothing to chance and is making every effort to safeguard its goodwill and its CEO’s reputation by buying up all the negative keywords and domains. Continue reading “BofA buys scores of domains in its knee jerk reaction to safeguard its reputation”

The Facebook blunder that watered down the reputation of Bing Lee

The electronics retailer Bing Lee  found itself in  deep waters after being slammed by social media experts for setting up a  facebook campaign for the Queensland flood victims through which it pledged to donate $1 to the Queensland flood appeal for every user who became its fan!

Bing Lee raised a few eyebrows as it tried to cash in on the sentimental factor associated with the floods to notch up the popularity of its site.  The opportunistic marketing tactic was attacked bluntly on twitter by its users who adopted the hashtag #charityfail to drive home the message. Continue reading “The Facebook blunder that watered down the reputation of Bing Lee”

Sarah Palin’s political reputation hit by the Arizona massacre fallout

The former  Alaska governor, Sarah Palin  found herself in the firing range as her opponents unleashed fiery criticisms in the wake of the Arizona massacre that left six people dead. Some of her political opponents  suggested that the violent political rhetoric could have played a role in the attempted assassination of Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords. Mrs. Palin  has been criticized for  the website that she created  “Take Back the 20”, which included a map of the US with cross hairs on congressional districts of Democrat candidates including Miss Giffords, which she had singled out for defeat. Continue reading “Sarah Palin’s political reputation hit by the Arizona massacre fallout”

Heathrow snow fiasco lands BAA in trouble

The world’s largest airport  of Heathrow remained crippled by snow and ice for three days in a row and the  unexpected shutdown of Heathrow just before Christmas  had put  the travel plans of thousands into disarray and left many sleeping on terminal floors. The airport apparently had only a contingency plan to  keep the airport fully operational if less than an inch of snow fell and had no  equipment  manpower, or the crucial chemical de-icers to cope with  any massive snow fall. Continue reading “Heathrow snow fiasco lands BAA in trouble”

Hell breaks loose for Gordon Ramsay

The Hell’s Kitchen star, Gordon Ramsay well known for his vitriolic tongue and  rants  is back in the news – he fired his CEO, Chris Hutcheson, who is also his father-in-law and then has went on to fire more from his family from the business. Then there is the suicide of a former contestant on the American version of Ramsay’s hit TV show, Kitchen Nightmares. Continue reading “Hell breaks loose for Gordon Ramsay”

The girls and grass affairs that damaged Silvio Berlusconi’s reputation

Even as more reports of  allegations of sleaze and sex allegations of Italian prime Minister are being  complied by the press,  Silvio Berlusconi enjoyed a resounding victory in provincial elections. The alleged reports of sex, girls and marijuana in his private jets seem to have been ignored by the people of Italy,  a country in which politicians are held to far less exacting standards of moral conduct than in Britain or the United States. Continue reading “The girls and grass affairs that damaged Silvio Berlusconi’s reputation”

Calvin Klein literally caught with the trousers down in the new ad controversy

Calvin Klein, the most frequently purchased brand in the world and one of the top three most coveted brands as per a recent AC Nielson Global Luxury Brand Study was in the news for wrong reasons recently. The Australian authorities have banned supermodel Lara Stone’s latest Calvin Klein  advertisement citing that the photographs promoted violence and rape. Continue reading “Calvin Klein literally caught with the trousers down in the new ad controversy”

The non-decomposing hamburgers that can spoil McDonald’s reputation

McDonald’s the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants was caught in a tight spot when the natural health industry  got  a whiff of the Happy Meal hamburgers and fries that won’t  go bad even after 6 months! Continue reading “The non-decomposing hamburgers that can spoil McDonald’s reputation”

Christine O Donnel’s election fiasco and the republican party reputation

The republican party  will be playing with a bad card in the Democrat stronghold of Delaware in November by choosing Christine O Donnel  as the Republican contender. Not many have heard about her except for her odd opinions and  unconventional outbursts on  abstinence  from pre-marital sex  and for her  support for the widely debunked gay conversion therapy.

Continue reading “Christine O Donnel’s election fiasco and the republican party reputation”

Reputation management cant be kids’ play for Mattel

Mattel, the world’s largest toy company in terms of  revenue has voluntarily recalled about 10 million toys of their Fisher Price products  including toy cars, baby play areas with inflatable balls and tricycles because these posed risks of injury to children. Some of the popular Sesame street characters tainted with lead have also been recalled.

In addition to the shameful recall of the toys, the company also was forced to recall over a  million of several types of high chairs because of  reports of injuries. The din around Mattel Inc.’s voluntary recall of as many as four product lines might offer an excellent  buying opportunity for others, according to financial experts. The estimated costs of up to US$4-million for the recall has  brought down the company’s third quarter earnings per share.

However this recall is different from the earlier recalls in 2007 that was attributed to lead paint and magnet, which attracted unwanted attention  from all quarters. The fact that the present  recall is due to the design flaws, makes Mattel  in a comparatively safer wicket as these can be fixed easily. The fact that the  2010 holiday season looks promising  for all major toy manufacturers and retailers including  Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us, would  offer reasons to cheer for Mattel which has a substantial market share at these major retailers than in other retail channels.

Though Kitty Pilarz, Senior Director of Product Safety at Fisher-Price was quick to come up with an explanation on the  company’s approach to product testing apart from responding to consumer feedback to save the company reputation , the fact remains that the reputation of  Mattel , which was synonymous with kids products has taken a severe beating because of the recall incidents.