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New online web design company Appco Group Services, launched last week to help companies improve their presence online.  They offer full online solutions from web design to marketing including SEO.  Design and content are so important today, so getting the right advice is critical.

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The future of residential utility bills – Appco Group

Who’d have thought that getting Power to the People would end up so expensive? The general public is currently up in arms over news that gas and electricity suppliers are set to increase their prices by up to 20% as of August of this year. And though this has become a political hotspot and a point of contention between the Labour and Conservative parties, more people are focused on the effects this could have on the consumers themselves.

Market experts at Appco Group UK have observed that the rates at which energy prices are set to hike could result in 1 in 5 people finding themselves in ‘fuel poverty’ – spending 10% or more of their income on utilities. Power suppliers however maintain that the increase in costs is reflective of current global energy costs. And, with a greater emphasis being placed on renewable energy sources (which despite advances in the technologies are still more expensive) it looks like a trend that’s set to continue for the forseeable future at least.

Bill-payers currently feel trapped. While not all the gas and electricity suppliers have announced price hikes yet, the biggest names have all suggested that they’re not in a position to avoid them, either. People will want to ensure they’re getting the best deals, but with the industry currently as indecisive as it is – it’s harder to know where to look. People might not be keen to leave one supplier in favour of another for fear that the grass might not stay greener for long enough to make the change worthwhile.

Companies will need to keep a competitive edge and place greater focus on customer relations if they hope to save face in lieu of pending price changes. Sales representatives and customer services will need to be tentative to a now-weary consumer base and have a greater awareness both of what they’re offering and how it’s likely to be received. Now more than ever there shall be an emphasis on building rapport with customer with face to face time being the order of the day. Appco Group UK say the best advice to consumers at the moment would be to explore options fully and take up any offers of information to help you make the best financial decisions for your household.

Skype down again & Microsoft getting the blame

Skype seems to have gone down again, many users are complaining and tweeting about another failure in skypes service. Again it looks like Microsoft are getting blamed, they will be hanged out to dry regardless of the real fault. People may forget, but the internet never does, because Microsoft was blamed for the last big Skype failure everyone assumes it’s them again. Many google results dthe last Skype problem show up when you Google Skype down talk about microsoft being at fault and not Skype.  I bet there are 1000’s of companies out there who wish they could pass the buck on so easily.

Hopefully it will be back up again, I’ve got some Skyping to do!

UK Bribery Act 2010 Could laws like this affect your buiness reputation

There are many laws out there that company’s could be breaking without even realizing it.  It’s important to make sure they you keep updated.

The UK Bribery Act will fundamentally change anti-corruption enforcement for companies doing business in the UK. With support across political parties, the bill is likely to become law in 2010. Significant new enforcement activity will include large penalties and possible prison terms for organizations and individuals.

From UK Bribery Act website

A survey in 2006 by Control Risks, a consultancy, estimates that a quarter of UK-based international companies have lost business to corrupt competitors in recent years, while figures from the World Bank suggest that bribery adds up to 10% to the total cost of doing business globally.

Its not only the law you could be breaking if competitors catch wind of any companies taking part in such activities then your reputation could be permanently damaged if they start posting on SNS’s etc.  Keeping up to date with changes in the law will keep you out of the courts and the papers!




If US Sites Ignore The UK Law, Ban The Sites

Most  people who comment as bogus or anonymous users don’t think they’ll ever be caught out or held responsible for their comments. Louis Bacon, an American billionaire hedge fund manager has received the go-ahead from a London high court to force three websites to disclose the identities of his alleged defamers, the Guardian reports.

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RateMDs negative reviews are damaging, how to get them removed

RateMD is just one of numerous sites geared towards reviews is growing all the time and this is going to continue.  Google shows signs that they are give much more weight to reviews and will focus on these even more as they continue their focus on getting more into the social network realm.  You will see below a screen shot of a search I did for a random Doctors name in NY.  I have highlighted in red where the reviews show.

Negative doctor reviews

The biggest issue for Doctors is quite often than not they are unable to respond to reviews  even if they are incorrect because of Doctor / Patient confidentiality.  Where sites like RateMD maybe looking to offer a genuine service in the nature of it 9 times out  of 10 most reviews are going to be negative because its human nature to complain and write when you feel you have had a bad service and very difficult to get customers to write when they have a good service. With regards to RateMD, it is difficult to enforce a removal without some sort of court order as the law does not hold them responsible for the content of the site and they rarely respond to requests from doctors without some form of legal obligation.  This is incredibly frustrating for all victims caught on the wrong side of such reviews.

Reviews online which are highly visible and question the quality and skill of the doctor which lead in turn to canceled appointments. These reviews not only harm reputations but also hit income as well. It is important to recognise that this is not a on-off situation but an emerging problem for all professionals as patients have a range of websites where they can publish their reviews without any meaningful form of peer-review.We have been planning and implementing a strategy  for Doctors to help be proactive and protect themselves from negative reviews.  We are very interested to hear from Doctors, medical professionals and institutes who have fallen foul to negative reviews online or maybe just want to be proactive today and stop it happening in the first place.

Please use our contact form if you want to find out more about our reputation management program for Doctors

Doctors being hit with negative reviews on-line, what to do?

Recently with the latest Google changes on the suggested drop down have seen a lot more suggestions for complaints and reviews in the last week.  We’ve also recently been contacted by a lot of Doctors and medical practices who have found negative reviews and comments when people search them showing up at the top of the search results.

A reputation is absolutely everything to a Dr or hospital, so protecting has to be a top priority just like having insurance.  We have recently been investigating different ways to help Doctors protect themselves from negative reviews by finding legitimate channels to publish positive reviews and feedback from patients.  We are now building a network of sites to help medical professional with this.

For more details click Doctors Reputation Management.

Google swaped scam for complaints

In the last 24hrs Google has dropped the suggestion scam after many company names which is great, however it looks like it has been replaced with Complaints instead.  Also the related searches at the bottom of the search results can still be quite negative:

Although these are not great they are certainly more manageable than Scams

Sean Lock Comedian Great Example of Bad RM

Went to see Sean lock in Perth the other night and was surprised by how much Sean did not control on the web when I googled Sean Lock.  It would not take much for a few people who didn’t like his sense of humour to start writing bad reviews and blogs about him and his tour.

I have noticed there are definately 2 camps, those who embrace the net like Jimmy Carr and those that seem to be dragged to it screaming and shouting like Sean Lock.

Google over the last 12 months has really started to show where it’s going and how much focus it’s putting on reviews and feedback from customers.  Many comedians rely on a good reputation in terms of being funny to sell tickets to their shows and DVD sales, what would happen if people started saying Sean Lock’s show sucked.

It’s worth the investment in protecting your name online if that is your brand, maybe Sean is just tight or does not value how much the internet is playing a part in business and entertaintment.  Never has it been an easier time to influence people opinions through the online channels, don’t leave it to chance and make sure you own your space.