Reputation Management Online Through Right Response!

Researches prove that the right response to positive comments or negative complaints from customers can bring one’s lost good reputation back, online.

This new finding communicates a message to all those who strive hard to maintain a good reputation online. Brands/companies/celebrities, while having a good exposure to major social media channels always need to make use of this utility to communicate with their potential customers/clients/fans, which in reality they fail. It is surprising to find that most of the customers/fans/clients want the brands/companies/celebrities to have their attention. Customers/fans/clients make a positive feedback or pass a negative comment through major social media channels like twitter or Facebook, they expect a reply. Feedback is rated as something they would love you to do. Continue reading “Reputation Management Online Through Right Response!”

Reputation Management Tip for 2012: Brands need to tap into social media search!

If in the past, we’d turn to our family or friends circles for recommendations, advice, opinions or answers, it then turned towards “” ever since it appeared on the virtual scene. Today, we are once again back to asking friends and family circles with the help of this World Wide Web. The 3 W’s have given birth to several new generation virtualities, especially the ‘social media’. Now, ‘social media’ is the best source of recommendations for nearly everything including the reputation of your brand.

Social media has emerged itself into a vast number of siblings such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Linkedin, Google Plus and so on and on the list goes. Social media and search are converging because search engines are incorporating social signals. Google, Bing and Yahoo have incorporated Facebook likes and Twitter’s tweets into their organic search results. Now, searchers see results in different formats based on activity within their social networks. Continue reading “Reputation Management Tip for 2012: Brands need to tap into social media search!”

BlackBerry Blackout- RIM’s Reputation Takes another Hit

Canada’s technology champion, Research In Motion Ltd is scrambling to remedy back its reputation, as an extensive series of lingering service blackouts around the world left millions of BlackBerry owners in the dark without access to emails or instant messages. The international confidence in RIM plummeted.

Last week, blackouts that began Monday in Europe, Africa and the Middle East spread to North America, knocking BlackBerry users in the United States and Canada off-line. Service disruptions were also reported in South America, Hong Kong and Japan. The annoyed BlackBerry users around the world took to Twitter and Facebook to vent out their anger. This is an example oh how the reputation of one company can be spoiled within minutes with one mistake. Continue reading “BlackBerry Blackout- RIM’s Reputation Takes another Hit”

How to keep your company away from Google suggested ‘scams’, ‘reviews’ and ‘complaints’!

If your company is doing well in business, you can expect anything from scams to complaints being suggested by Google that will only do it harm. Today, Internet is a huge virtual market place and it is important for any business to maintain a positive feedback or image on the web in order to do well. It is certain that you’ll get some negative reviews or listings even in your Google suggestions when your company name is searched.

The number of companies coming under attack from unscrupulous competitors, ex employees and anyone with a grudge  are increasing.  These third parties have enough time on their hands to submit a false complaint or allegation against your company in the hope that it will be seen by potentially new and existing clients. This is done with the intention of creating enough doubt in the minds of your clients that they will continue to search for competing companies. Continue reading “How to keep your company away from Google suggested ‘scams’, ‘reviews’ and ‘complaints’!”

Customer Satisfaction Strategy and Implementation through Reputation Management

“A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction made to an organization, related to its products, or the handling process complaints itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.” (Definition from ISO 10002:2004)

Enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and Corporate Image through reputation management is vital to every company or organisation. It is said that it costs an organization at least four times as much to gain a new customer as to maintain an existing one. Organizations that regularly lose customers, struggle to repair their damaged reputations. In today’s competitive environment, product and service innovations are re-defining accepted levels of performance.

For this every company needs a good Complaints Management System, which is one of the crucial requirements for successful businesses when managing customers’ needs and protecting their brand. Even the best companies sometimes get it wrong. They fail to deliver what is promised. Continue reading “Customer Satisfaction Strategy and Implementation through Reputation Management”

Proactive and Reactive Strategies in Online Reputation Management!

Online reputation management cannot be taken for granted. Online reputation management combines a series of strategies and methodologies that when effectively done, help promote a positive online presence for a company. Online Reputation Management (ORM) has two defined branches, Proactive and Reactive. Both branches ensure online actions are controlled and monitored for a positive online presence of a company. Continue reading “Proactive and Reactive Strategies in Online Reputation Management!”