Web of Trust – Haha

If you call yourself “web of trust” and launch a web browser add-on, you better be trustworthy! Instead, you sell customer data, you tell lies about it and then get found out by researchers who prove that you are telling porkies! Outcome – your browser add-on gets pulled from browsers and your business goes kaput.

The must be a moral in that story somewhere!

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Comment from Company

We take our obligations to our users very seriously. It always has been, and remains, our intention to inform our users, clearly and accurately, as to what data we collect from them and how it is used. We never intend to collect or share data which can be used to identify our users, and we have developed extensive data cleansing techniques to ensure our users remain anonymous.

After a review of some of the information recently reported and a thorough investigation of facts and circumstances, we now believe that our data cleaning techniques may not have been sufficient to fully anonymize the browsing data WoT users shared with us. While we deployed great effort to remove any data that could be used to identify individual users, it appears that in some cases such identification remained possible, albeit for what may be a very small number of WoT users. Of course, if the data allows the identification of even a small number of WoT users, we consider that unacceptable, and we will be taking immediate measures to address this matter urgently as part of a full security assessment and review.

We hope to earn back the trust of the community by implementing a set of measures which will ensure that those who prefer not to share their data can easily choose to keep their data private while still participating in the WOT community.

Regarding the relaunch of WoT – we received a notice from the Mozilla store that they were removing our add-on from the store pending answers to certain questions. We decided to remove WoT from the other platforms at our own initiative so that we could have the time to study the feedback we have been receiving and to make appropriate changes.

We are now preparing to relaunch an updated version of WoT which will include the appropriate measures to regain the trust of our users.

Good luck with relaunching your product under the same name. You might want something like “Web of Mistrust”

Unfortunately, in today’s world, you only get one bite of the apple.