Should companies bet on social media marketing?

Companies are mulling over the pros and cons of social media marketing – the top dollar invested in Facebook and Twitter to be precise. As an active tweeter I’d be the first to admit that paid tweets and tie-ups with NBC for Olympic tweets etc, sure seems a cop-out in Twitter’s free open platform format objective. However, let’s discard my indignant views aside for a moment and look upon the situation from a company’s point of view; and yes there’s more incensed thoughts there…

You pay to get ‘paid tweets’ – top billing, and yet there’s no end to the negative comments and trolls. And as for the actual revenue gained from these promoted tweets or Facebook Ads its anybody’s guess; in fact, its as mysterious as how Joseph Gorden-Lewitt’s character “just knows” Bruce Wayne is Batman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Twitter has marginally overtaken Facebook as the marketing channel to be in, in the wake of Facebook going public and the haziness as to how much the ads work for companies. It does not help that Facebook, as recently revealed, has more than 80 million fake users!!

For companies with invstment in social media marketing, this is a time for introspection; however, marketing woes aside let’s not forget the fact that being active on social media continues to be advantageous. The reputation management angle and the power that social media has in connecting with the consumers is remarkable! The search engine benefits of owning such a space is tremendous and it simply works well. In fact, social media can be very effective in handling a PR crisis, as this article would illustrate, if handled cleverly.

So, there you go… social media marketing may not be a good idea for companies now, however keep up with the tweets and Facebook posts and own the space, and use it to your corporate advantage and reputation management benefits.