Reputation Management Online Through Right Response!

Researches prove that the right response to positive comments or negative complaints from customers can bring one’s lost good reputation back, online.

This new finding communicates a message to all those who strive hard to maintain a good reputation online. Brands/companies/celebrities, while having a good exposure to major social media channels always need to make use of this utility to communicate with their potential customers/clients/fans, which in reality they fail. It is surprising to find that most of the customers/fans/clients want the brands/companies/celebrities to have their attention. Customers/fans/clients make a positive feedback or pass a negative comment through major social media channels like twitter or Facebook, they expect a reply. Feedback is rated as something they would love you to do.

The reality is that, in this digital space, people are not afraid of saying anything that they think about you. Most people use social media as a last resort to complain about something they didn’t like. Many of them think it as the only way to get immediate response to their complaints. Facebook is the highly preferred social medium for many people when compared to Twitter. Opinions alter vice versa. Those who go for Facebook have genuine reasons as this channel will help them to share or vent their views across their family and friends circles.

The message for a brand/company/celebrity is clear- the right response at the right time regarding both positive feedback and negative comments will work magic towards your good reputation online!