Obama’s d(H)ate with Outsourcing and his Dipping Popularity

President Obama took to the stumps this week stepping up his campaign against outsourcing. The President on Friday emphasized his administration will offer tax benefits only to firms that create jobs in the country. It’s time for a bit of honesty, since the beginning of his presidential term, Obama’s personal popularity has surpassed that of his policies, which was obviously on shaky ground.  Throughout history, American Presidents have been elected mostly upon popularity, not because of leadership skills.

He seemed to be flat-tempered, candid and intense. He came across as thoughtful and open to debate. People who weren’t crazy about his policies normally liked and respected the man.  Yet his rhetoric remained unclear. There was speculation over his personality proving more popular than his policies.

President Obama’s reputation seems to be taking a dip after his much criticised health care plan and now follows the outsourcing.  As said above, will his policy bring down this popularity if only he and his bunch of Economist knew where they are heading to?  Economics is quite simple; do not spend more than what you earn. It’s about turning wealth from raw materials and every country in the world does this to run their economy. Some countries did that with IT and some with their manufacturing ability.

Barack Obama has to clear his stand since it all sounds staunch protectionist rhetoric. Just how practical it is since the Americans have lost every single manufacturing work to the Chinese and now that has happened they want to pin-down the outsourcing services also.

The President needs to realize that current economic system is blown up, the whole currency (USD) thing is just about matter of days taking into account that money moves around in cyberspace.  So things have changed and it will be stupid to even think that US Dollar is the final thing that would buy you a pizza no matter where ever you are in the world.

Obama need not sound like a sarcastic professor but be honest and come up with careful measures how he plans to bring the economy back to track.  Talking of the inevitable the President sounds duplicitous and polished and appeared rushed and extreme. The President has to inject this faith in his citizens before they start thinking that the US had its good times over and done with.

Author: Jayan CM

Business Writer, Content writer, Technical writer