Reputation Ranking- Know Your Online Status

This article focuses on reputation ranking mechanism. When a company or business gets unwanted  attention online, there obviously is something fishy about it. The search engines go naughty; they become biased and start ranking the ‘negatives’ on top. After all it’s attracting more visitors. When users search for you online the unofficial flashes before the official website, thus drowning your goodwill.

Take for instance if some firm wants to hire your service and finds no mention or option about you on the first two pages till they spot you on the 4th page of the search result, imagine the kind of damage it will be have on your company. All the negative stuff has pushed you out off sight. Reputation ranking shows what exactly is your position online.

The ranking system is a process that is concluded by feedback and thorough research and data collection mechanism, and then depicted with pictorial representation followed by analysis and summary. The results cannot be manipulated or altered.  Unlike other ranking systems that sum up the good and bad reports from customers, reputation rating depicts reliable and accurate facts based on that day’s researches. The intention is to build better and objective ratings and develop trust on Reputation Management system.

Reputation rating systems are becoming an essential tool and it is about finding ways to reduce the influence of bad press. Reputation Management believes that every business needs a proactive measure to be on the web and be a consistent performer. And it only goes on to help you understand your business better.

Author: Jayan CM

Business Writer, Content writer, Technical writer