The Queen, the BBC and the “unreserved” apology

What is BBC quick to offer other than news? an hopeless apology. This time again Danny Kelly the 39-year host of the afternoon live show on BBC WM, while playing the National Anthem announced to his audience that Queen Elizabeth II had died. The producer of the show was heard to have jumped in to do the damage control and said, “You can’t say that!

Kelly on his part clarified that he was referring to a “friend” on the show Facebook page who had the same name and the person is missing now.

A BBC spokesman later said

The BBC apologizes unreservedly for it,” adding that the two-hour show broadcast from Birmingham would be taken over by another presenter  until next Tuesday

No matter what, but his joke has not gone down well with the BBC, as well with Media watchdogs. Secondly this episode has raised severe question about the honesty of the BBC. How many times do they repeat this, a trusted house that BBC is fast losing the sheen across the world. This blatant joke again has tarnished the BBC ever descending reputation.

Online reputation of BBC is also going down the drain. Type BBC on Google and ‘Queen death joke’ news appears on the first page, and rest the search engine will ensure to push it up the list when more people will start searching for this story post reading this blog.

Reputation Management wonders if  The BBC know that it just takes a matter of time to lose that special place in the tabloid world.  This is one reason why the BBC should start thinking to put their house in order, before they are asked to fund themselves.

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Author: Jayan CM

Business Writer, Content writer, Technical writer