Apple iPad-How good is the experience

When Apple launched its much hyped iPad, it brought along a fair share of brickbats as well along with the bouquets. May be people had over expectations about the product much before the release of the product at the beginning of the year. The possibility of Apple iPad replacing the notebook does seem a remote possibility now considering its shortcomings.

The absence of a camera makes video chatting impossible while the inbuilt mini SIM slot that it has only supports the AT&T network which means that you cannot use it with any another service provider or use it as a cell phone outside the US. Apple iPad supports only Mackintosh features thereby making it incompatible with other software applications as well. The absence of built in USB slots would mean that the customers have to shell out extra from their pockets  after spending so much on their Apple iPad. The lack of  high definition output in terms of both video and audio does not facilitate a comfortable reading of e-book.

The worst part is that Apple iPad has become a target for scammers as well who have managed to poison the search results to redirect the hits to their malware spreading sites. When customers search for the Apple tablet device in search engines, the poisoned search results would download a rogue program.  Ever since Apple announced the launch of iPad,  it has been one of the hottest topics doing the rounds in the Web.

With the growing user anticipation for this new product, it is most likely that many users will be victimized by the latest FAKEAV attack. Users are thus advised to be wary of malicious links and to instead go to reputable news sites to get the latest information about the iPad,” explained Carolyn Guevarra, the Communications Specialist  of TrendMicro, a company that specializes in providing network antivirus and internet content security software.

From the reputation management point of view, we feel that if Apple can take effective steps in plugging these loopholes, the damage will only be marginal. The first step would be to regain the customer confidence, and what Apple does in this direction will be of much interest to all of us.