Labour’s Budget and Reputation Both Trashed

Labour seem to be working towards getting votes rather than dealing with the truth that the UK economies is struggling big time and what people want now is honesty.

Labour don’t seem to have come through on their mini budget with anything to really deal with the mounting debt the UK is in.  There is also talk that the UK may need to lend money from the International Monetary Fund.  The UK cannot afford to damage its reputation any further as a place for people and companies to invest their money.  Warnings that the UK’s international credit rating could be downgraded were suggested this week as sterling continued to drop in the money markets.

George Osborn said after Mr Darling presentation “We were promised a Pre-Budget Report and what we got was a pre-election report.”

Labour need to stand up and be counted, the UK’s economy is too important to be used for political gains.   Don’t put this country into more debt.  Don’t destroy the country’s reputation.  Do what is right; you are going to lose the next election anyway.  Make the hard decision now and just maybe people will look at labour in the years to come in a different light.  Choose to play this political game and labour will be out of the picture for a long time.