Russia business reputation

Would you do business with the Russians? Well you’ve got to be truly brave or obstinate of the bovine kind to actually consider it. Business fraud in Russia is rampant and has had a 12 % increase from that of 2007.

Russia has had huge trouble dealing with its bad reputation even though the country is now the largest producer of natural gas overtaking even the might of Saudi Arabia. But then that’s the end of the story as far as business diversification goes, being infamous for hackers, the mafia and what not, Russia is in the trenches as far as business reputation goes.

Transparency International has put Russia at 146 out of the 182 countries surveyed – at par with Sierra Leone! Places like Dubai are facing business dishonesty and debt, the slide in reputation has only begun in these places while Russia has a mammoth task ahead!

Meanwhile the world will remain wary of doing business with the Russians and that is how it stays.