What is Reputation Management?

What is Reputation Management? - I often get asked this question when people ask what I do.

There are two sides to reputation management:


  1. Monitoring what people are saying
  2. Controlling what people see

Monitoring what people say

How often have you had a meal at a restaurant and thought the food was not up to standard, but when the waiter asks how your meal was you say "great thanks".  You leave the restaurant vowing never to eat there again and at the same time the restaurant manager thinks you're a happy customer who will come back again.  Sound familiar?  The Internet is a great way to judge what people think of a particular service or product.  People tend to be more honest, the only downside is you are more likely to get negative feedback rather than positive ones as people who have received a very good service very rarely write about it where people who have received a bad service will tell everyone and also write about it.

Controlling what people see


If you can control what people will read this will help manage your reputation online and also help with damage limitation.  Damage limitation as you may have guessed is about dealing with negative results on the Internet and reducing the damage it can do to a individual or company.

Imagine if a journalist writes negatively about your product and the article he has written does better in the search engine than your own company website. What if you are a celebrity and you have a very personal court case going on and the last thing you want is it showing up in the search results for your name. Reputationmanagementfor.com helps to take the sting and quite often prevent such negative results staying around the first pages of the search engine and limiting the damage that could have been caused.

What are the steps to reputation management?

  1. The first step is to see what the actual negative content is and does it have any truth, is it someones opinion or is it a lie or libelous? If it is then hopefully the website can be force to take it down quite quickly.
  2. Start a strategy to start pushing out positive content about the company or individual.
  3. Monitor the results and improve.
  4. Implement measure to stop negative content reaching or staying long on the first page of the search engines.
Depending on the severity of negative content and the key phrases that need protecting will determine how much work and costs are involved. To date we have not lost one client which I think speaks volumes of our Reputation Management service. If you need help please get in touch, all conversations and email are treated in complete confidence.

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