Public Relations

public relations onlineOver the last 20+ years there has been a general increase in the demand for Public Relations (PR).  In the last few years there has been a drop but much of this has come down to a shift in media channels and companies employing different specialists for example Search Engine Optimisation firms (SEO).

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PR has certainly needed to change and learn new skills especially with the dawn of the Internet and Mobile Phones.  With the Internet now allowing instant news through platforms like blogs and social network sites, management teams are now realising the importance of including their PR director or communication office in board meetings and marketing strategies along with SEO and Reputation Management experts.

PR has changed and become more challenging, with new terms bounding around the industry like Reputation Management, Brand Protection and Online Damage Limitation.   More often than not reputation management has been left out in the cold, it is a branding issue? is it a marketing issue? who's issue is it?

In the passed a PR person would liaise with papers and ask to edit or stop certain stories from being published. Today however there is absolutely no way to stop people talking and expressing their points of view.  Not even countries as a whole have been able to stop information being leaked out via social network sites like Twitter.

Much like a quality Public Relations company a quality Reputation Management company will take a holistic view, publish quality content in trusted sites and channels.  This will provide longevity in terms of a campaign working for years and not days.

Like public relations, reputation management is their to create an understanding, unlike advertising its a lot more subtle.  If you say your product is great no one believes you, a third person says your great then people will but into it.

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