How Do Negative Pages In Search Results Hurt You

The reasons for definitely monitoring and seeing what negative responses maybe effecting your business is because you could be loosing business.  Quite often a  company will only find out if there is negative pages or comments on the Internet when a customer remarks on it or says they have decided to go else where because of what they have read on the net.

It's in human nature to write about a negative experience and get it off your chest when they feel hard done by or had a bad experience with a company.  At the same time customers who have had a fantastic experience very rarely write about it.  Because of this the Internet can become very one sided, heavily towards the negative end.


wallMore often than not, businesses don''t know how much negative results appearing in the search engines is costing them, they can only take a guess at it.  Reputation Management is best seen as an investment that will pay back dividends.  Towns in previous centuries would build a defence wall to protect themselves rather than wait until they were attacked Reputation Management is exactly the same.

So you can spend a small fortune on SEO, only to be totally undermined by having negative results for your company name.  So for example lets say my company name is BB Widgets Suppliers and I sell blue widgets, I've focused my SEO on ranking highly for the keywords Blue Widgets.  Now that the customer has found me if they don't bookmark my site then they are likely to google BB Widgets Suppliers as they now know your company name.  It is at this point that if negative content is ranking highly for your company name then all that SEO work has gone out the window.



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