Responding to negative Reviews on Google Places

Google’s local business listings now called Google Places has introduced a change where in local businesses can respond to customer reviews. Earlier, small businesses fed up with the negative reviews on Google’s local business listing would finally suspend their listing and create a new one to avoid its negative impact on their business. This was done at a huge risk of losing a good ranking which end up sacrificing their business info on the initial first page of Google Maps to disappear.

With customers using online reviews as a part of the purchase decision, responding to reviews should be done with care. Now as business owners can respond to both the negative and positive reviews there’s a totally new phase with Google Places that enable the business owners manage their online reputation.

How should you Respond and What to Say

Here are some tips for business owners that are going to begin responding to these reviews so you can avoid embarrassment and maximize the positive effect.

· Make sure the issue is important and if it’s your mistake say that you are sorry the reviewer had a problem. Owning the issue cools down the sentiment of the viewer.

· Your response should immediately make them feel that when someone has a problem, your business will hear to them.

· Take up the golden opportunity to market your business by describing remedial measures taken to avoid that issue and explain how future customers will not face that issue.

· Tell that you have introduced a new process that would convince the prospects that your company is good and is getting better.

· Your offer to fix a reviewer’s problem is a great marketing investment.


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