Removing Negative Comments on TripAdvisor is a popular free travel and research website that helps customers to get information about a particular place hotel, restaurant or attraction. A perfect consumer generated platform and it’s free. Most of the content here are consumer generated like opinion, reviews on travel related issues, which finally converts into an interactive travel forum.  They have more than one million hotels and restaurants in their database.

TripAdvisor gets tons of reviews day in and day out. They entertain 100% honest and frank opinion. On an average they receive 21 reviews per minute, so this literally makes it unfeasible to cross-check each and every comment, but they claim to review the comments and do take some days to post them.

The unique thing about review/comments on TripAdvisor:

  • TripAdvisor does not provide direct contact between the members of the travel community and the owners,
  • All users on their website are unknown unless they post their contact details like e-mail or phone numbers. So this again makes it very difficult to contact the person and request him to remove the post,
  • The user/reviewer cannot edit his comments once posted, but he will have to send a mail to TripAdvisor and ask them to allow you to edit or remove the comment, and
  • All this makes it very tedious task remove negative comments if it appears on TripAdvisor
What we advice our clients on negative reviews on TripAdvisor

Firstly let us ensure the comments are genuine and do they really possess risk to your business. It’s always a good idea to check if there are many customers grumbling about the same problem.

Call a happy customer from the list and reward them and request them to write something positive about their experience at your hotel on Tripadvisor.

What can we do to remove negative comments on TripAdvisor?

We have a whole team to monitor anything being said about you. So by posting positive content on blog networks, on social networking sites and making press releases we work steadily to bury the negative results from the first page of Google results.

We will bring in a lot of difference in search results, although you can’t remove negative comments in one go, there will be a more balanced set of search results quite quickly.  And eventually we succeed!

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