How to remove negative comments on Yelp

If you find yourself listed on Yelp and have negative reviews, it’s obvious that the Yelp page about your product/service will rank high on search engines (Google). This development can be a mixed blessing, when the reviews are good it’s great for your business but can be right the opposite it is not!

Yelp is a powerful consumer review website and has been in business since 2004.

Yelp’s catch tag itself explains that it is out to help people search great local businesses from dentists to your local vendor. This ultimately results them to rank high on Google.
Secondly the most alarming thing about negative reviews on Yelp is that it invites other users to post their comments, which will further damage your credibility.
Finally there is no way to get these bad reviews off Yelp, but bury them so they rank lower on Google or other search engines.

Expert advice: Implement a well studied approach to remove Yelp negative reviews. Being in the business we cannot stress enough on the fact that even if there is one negative review about your business on Yelp and the longer it remains there, the more harmful it is for your business.

To remove negative comments there are some basic facts we should know:
  • Remember these reviews are posted by customers themselves; it is a tough job to have them removed forever.
  • Secondly, they attract more traffic and viewership the very moment they appear on the front page of Google.
  • We all know that such reviews and negative comments need not be true, but the fact remains that it kills your business and you are always left without support to defend yourselves
  • Finally going after them with a legal suit is not a viable option besides its time consuming.
What we do to bury them in the inner pages of Google search results:
  • Contact the website owner and ask for them to remove the negative comments, often this does not work unless the content is libelous.
  • Bury the bad press by filling the Internet with positive content that you can control.
  • Most customers make buying decisions based on page one, however, people research you or journalists digging for a story will go way past page one.
  • We can help advice, defend and fight to protect your name, Brand or Company from unwanted bad and negative comments online.

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