How to remove negative comments on Pissed

Pissed is a website that believes "Customer is King" and consumers can post their complaints or reviews on just about anything.

The website is one of the leading consumer backing groups that attribute consumer reviews, reports or complaints in a social network platform. Pissed uses an online system tool to analyze product reviews and complaints by consumers on the Internet. The website attracts attention of millions of consumers, professionals and researchers on an hourly basis. May be this is one of the reason why Pissed Consumer is such a huge voice for the consumer throughout the world.

Few facts related to consumer comments in Pissed

  • enjoys a high ranking even for brands which have minimum relevant content (thanks to their clever SEO). This causes a lot of trouble for companies. In fact, it is self explanatory what one negative comment can do to your business.
  • If negative comments about your company happens to show up on the first page of Google it’s obvious they will get the maximum hits. This will lead to dipping of your popularity.
  • However, the site seldom encourages the requests from companies who want to remove the negative information since they are posted by (pissed) consumers”
  • Thus, any kind of negative complaints on you ought to act quickly, often by yourself or with the help of specialists.


  • One of the most sought after remedies is to push these negatives down the search engine list.
  • A lot of diligence is required to handle situations like this. Even though negative comments posted might be true, it is a tough job to determine whether all these reviews, feedbacks and opinions are authentic and based on facts.
  • The sooner you realize facts and think about remedies the better it will be for your online reputation. There is no time to lose once you sort a complaint against you on such site, because the longer they stay, the more negative impact it can have on your business.You can consider legal action and fight against the complaint through the site. But all this is going to be monotonous and also time-consuming
So how we can help:
  1. Our seasoned specialists will help regain your damaged reputation. By employing proven techniques, helps push down negative comments and rebuild your online reputation.
  2. The company first identifies the negative information and comments that are spread against you.
  3. The WWW is then flooded with positive and relevant contents to keep the positives on the first page of Google and other search engines.

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