How to remove negative comments on is popular website that helps consumers take decisions about product. As one of the leading consumer reviews platforms it also acts as a reliable source to gain insight about valuable consumer goods, read some unbiased feedback, detail in-depth product evaluations and personalized recommendations.

Why negative comments on can be deadly:

Epinions does a meticulous job of representing over 50 product and categories in a transparent, easy-to-use, and informative manner. If people want any product, this site is the manual of ‘how to buy’ and ‘what to buy’.  So anything negative beaming on Epinions is obvious to rate high on Google (or other search engines). And more the visitor the more hits, and this trend will obviously kill your business.

What we do to remove negative comments on

1. If we find any negative feedback on Epinions from customers, we will first ask you write to them or post a review on or something similar to balance the damage.

2. Make sure that your own official website tops the search results.

3. Add your company website to many social websites with related content like; blogs and article or update your site with new content.

4. We may even post positive content in Wikipedia; these Wiki pages ranks top in search results when someone hits your company name.

5. Create or invite links to and from your website pages from other website to increase the link popularity.

6. The more you have those links with positive reviews the higher it will rank in the search results.

7. Undertake suitable, bookmarking of positive remarks about your product or website on social bookmarks.

Give your reputation the boost of positive comments with strategic search engine optimization and keep them floating on top of the search engines and bury the negatives.

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