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What is

This is one of the most popular complaints website with a sole purpose to give consumers a platform to raise their voice.  Anybody can submit their woes and dispute on this website, which is then picked up by other readers online. This public exposure will put the service provider/individual/business house under pressure by letting a million other consumers know about it. 

The administrator at reports seeks information for the nature of scams and poor customer service claims and publishes that report as a paradigm of business fraud.

Why negative post on is lethal
  • Obviously, every business has its share of competition and if someone has to push your business down, all they needs to do is post something fake about you. The sole intention of your competitor is to damage your goodwill and in exchange you lose business,
  • Post published associated with any organization/individual with the subject “Fraud” if searched on Google will land to and what follows is self-explanatory,
  • Comment posted cannot be taken down or amended by the originator or by the administrator at, and
  • Many companies in the past have suffered from fake reports published on Complaints Board, which has damaged their trade mark and caused business loss.
How we remove Postings

Reputation Management understands the inestimable agony of such individuals/organization that is facing negative publicity. We have a combined and powerful approach under Search Engine optimization and reputation management, to push down negative post down the search engine list and further to second page.
  • Identify the different negative comments enjoying top places in search engines,
  • This is followed by a close introspection to chalk out a list of positive content required to deal with the negative content (depends) and to push them down on search engines,
  • Positive content are then posted on various websites and accordingly, link building is carried out on full scale. Continuously positive contents are built and weaved around the negative to push it down in a finer and planned SEO manner and obviously they rank high.
  • All of the steps mentioned above are analyzed once again in the final stage and case sheet is prepared. The document is then studied so to shield negative comments from popping up again.
  • At the end we ensure our clients get comprehensive benefit from our proven methodologies and reap benefits.
  • If you, your business or associates are at the receiving end due to destructive comments on, call us today.

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