Search Engine Marketing

So what is search engine marketing?

bad-economy-250It can be a daunting task thinking about how to tackle the Internet and make sure you're up to date with all the new mediums, channels and gimmicks we hear about.  If like most people, the only twitter you've ever done is to send a postcard when on holiday, or meet friends in the local pub rather than build 600 friends on facebook then don't fear your not to alone.

The Internet is growing at such a pace many of us who spend all our time marketing online find it very difficult to keep up, gone are the days where you just had to workout how to get the record to work on the video player.

I have listed the main areas to Search Engine Marketing and I'll try to keep it simple.  We offer a full range of services including the ones I have listed below

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO in a nutshell is about getting your website on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing.  It's often wise to spend time and research the keywords your potential customers will use.  Once you're happy with your selection then the next step is to work on:

  • On-site optimisation - this when your site is optimised so Google can easily figure out what keywords your site should show up for in their results.  On-site optimisation can take some time depending on the size of your website.
  • Off-site optimisation - this is focused on getting good quality links from relevant sites, they should come lots of different sources and relevant websites.
We can help with both on-site and off site optimisation.

Social Networks

Search Engine MarketingIt has been hard for many businesses to get their heads round this new opportunity and no surprise with so many different channels, marketing opportunities and the general communication noise.  It's hard to tell if many of these sites are just a fad and will come and go over the years, you only have to look at sites like AOL and FriendsReunited to see how quickly they disappear off the radar.  I've already seen many people get bored of FaceBook and stopped updating their profile and status.

On the other hand is their anything wrong with taking advantage of a fad if its working for you, I read about a travel company that is getting a better response from posting their deals on Twitter than anywhere else.

We can register and help manage you profile across almost 200 social network sites on the net.


So blogs are a very effective tool especially if Google likes it, people now rely on tools like Google Alerts which trawls through the sites looking for keywords in  blogs, news and articles.  By creating and continuing to post new posts you are more likely to get Google to take your site more seriously and picked up by Google alerts.  Our team of content writers can help write content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your needs.

Blogs are a way for people without any technical know how to publish latest news and articles quickly.

RM - Reputation Management

RM has to be part of your search engine marketing campaign, more and more people look at the Internet as a way to voice their views especially about bad customer service.  Google has also indicated how it wants to have more reviews showing in their results.  It's also fact that up to 70% of searches will click on the next result if it's negative rather than clicking on the companies website.

Companies can spend years building a brand and positive reputation, it's now more critical to protect your reputation online from ex employees, disgruntled customers and even competitors.  Anyone can easily attack your reputation using the Internet, so to tackle it you must take an active roll before they creep up.

Our team help local and global businesses protect the reputation and brand online, if you need help with yours do contact our UK or USA office.  Search engine marketing is an ongoing process, and if done correctly can reward you with rich quality traffic to your site.

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