Brand Reputation Management

Protecting a brand's reputation has to be taken into account when launching a new product or version update.  It doesn't take long with any new product or brand for negative feedback to filter through the Internet.  This can certainly cause an undesired effect, if on the second day of your product launch it's reputation on the Internet has totally trashed.

Good examples are like when the new Iphone came out and another when Vista was released, both had loads of negative content about them.  So much so that many people were put off buying them until they improved it and fixed the issues.  i know todate that some people just refused to use Vista, could be why Windows 7 was launched and they changed it back to the old name to move away from the negative reputation vista had.

It's quite normal to have issues when launching a new brand, but unfortunately unlike us mere mortals who forget thing,s the Internet does not. On top that when issues have been resolved often these issues are buried so far down under the negative results no one gets to hear about it.

We can help with brand reputation management by developing a load of positive content and channels to help protect your brand on the launch day.  Of course getting feedback from customers is fantastic, so we don't want to eliminate it but if your own sites are ranking highly, then you can use this to show you have understood the issues and are working to a solution if you have not already fixed it.  Never in history has a product launch been so exciting and if done correctly the rewards can be outstanding, done badly and it can be incredibly costly.

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