Pfizer pill recall – botched up reputation in wrong pack

If there’s one thing women trust, it’s that the sun will rise in the East, you have to pay taxes, and that birth control pills will keep you away from unwanted worries.

Pfizer, the major birth control pill makers seem to have shaken that trust. The company had to recall million packs of these pills, which were wrongly packed. The company announced this flaw, before any woman could possibly become pregnant.

The blister pack contains 21 active hormone containing pills and 7 inactive pills. So there is a schedule the women have to follow to keep them away from unwanted pregnancy. But later in the course Pfizer realized how they packed some of those inactive pills in one batch.

Pfizer, in a press release, later announced that if victims of the wrongly packed pills can use their non- hormonal contraceptive immediately, it would help them prevent getting pregnant.

Now this is where the company makes a disastrous PR, and that follows a series of serious questions.

Pfizer fails to realize that it’s not easy for everyone to remember which pill has to be taken on a day.  Secondly, if anybody who misses the news will be surprised to see it happening to them in spite of following a strict schedule.

How the company intend to deal with a woman who ends up becoming pregnant because of the botched up pills? Is Pfizer ready to bill the cost of the pregnancy, and bear the cost if the patient has to take other alternative birth control measures?

Pfizer needs to understand that customer’s real concern does not suffice with one technical press release.  If Pfizer’s botched up pill causes 20 unexpected pregnancies, the company will be forced to pay these 20 innocent victims. In fact, how Pfizer would be so sure about people who took the correct pills and who are the victims of wrong packet.

However, this recall has put the company in a vulnerable situation taking it up to cases where – if a couple of women become pregnant even by taking pills – Pfizer will have to face the wrath, besides loss of reputation.



Author: Jayan CM

Business Writer, Content writer, Technical writer