Facebook Timeline and Reputation Management

Facebook has finally rolled out the Timeline for all and all you have to do is go here and click ‘Get it now‘. The FB Timeline comes with a seven day grace period to delete stuff that you did (videos, photos, status updates) that you don’t want to be on your Timeline. Warning – When you first see the Facebook Timeline… you are in for a SHOCK!!

What you will see is every single thing you did since joining Facebook neatly arranged under a timeline of years and months. For users who have made the cheesiest status updates and other cringe-worthy quips( in hindsight) it will require a dedicated period of time to go back and decide what should be highlighted or removed from the timeline before its published for all to see. Yes, there is a ‘Publish’ tab to click after doing the necessary changes before the timeline goes live. So what are the advantages?

For the storyteller in you the Timeline is a chance to make a picture perfect string of events in your life all with a snazzy cover picture option that comes as a banner on top after weeding out what you don’t need. Here I’m thinking of celebrity reputation and their PR machines as the first converts in making the Timeline a personal saga – a wall of fame! For the rest of us, as the Timeline can be taken as far back to the birthday, it can be built up with Life events, maps with photos of places been to and so on… to a well-documented chronology of our life.

So, yes, there is a huge opportunity for reputation management with the Facebook Timeline and this can further move on to brand pages as well. Facebook has said that for now the Timeline is focussed on individuals and not brands, but its safe to assume it’s just a matter of time before companies and brands have their own Timeline of accolades!

With Google + and  Twitter coming out with brand pages and other changes being done in interface and Apps, it’s raining brand pages in all platforms. Google is maintaining that the Google + Vs Facebook race is not a social networking attempt to upstage Facebook.

While Twitter is flying high with fly.twitter – a swanky mobile interface and a better web page in the hope to bring back the users from applications like Echofun, Tweetdeck etc.,, not all Tweeters are happy! Avid Twitter users are left wondering if Twitter’s changed from what it was known for in the beginning – a free platform for people to microblog, begin trends, tweet to sport-stars, celebs, politicians, authors and journalists to make a change like it did in the Egypt crisis and revolution.

Write in to us about your Facebook Timeline experience and we’ll feature your comments in a follow-up post.

  • Reputation management has become very vital in today’s competitive world

  • After seeing the new Timeline option what I feel is that its becoming more and more complicating. The Facebook as it was already a hit and why they want to introduce such a new option is still unknown. The Facebook with its simplicity attracted more people. So it make me feel think that Facebook going Twitter way of introducing timeline. To me,not a regular in FB, still I feel the new timeline is not at all attractive!! Hope there will be other thoughts.

  • Guest

    I hate  the new ‘timeline’,its stupid and complecating,facebook is always getting worse,I only just got used to the other one and now theres this,arg! May aswell  just deactivate my account.

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