Google scraps sidewiki – will you miss it?

Here you have another product of Google to hit the trash. Well, I wouldn’t say Google Sidewiki is a complete failure, but relatively a Google product that failed to keep up with the expectations”.  Google has finally decided to close it down, and is offering its users to export all of their data. December 5, 2011 is the day Google will discontinue Sidewiki and erase all the content. Users’ can visit  and follow the manual to retrieve the data.

I believe Google Sidewiki didn’t catch on with everyone simply because of the fact that it was a complex tool. Not only that you have to install Google Toolbar, you had to ensure it was turned on.  It looked pretty promising in the initial phase along with other Web Annotation tool and this would have clicked had this been user friendly.

If  Sidewiki had implemented “reviews” for businesses, to be frank it would have been a reputation nightmare. Sidewiki could prove to be a potential tool to damage your business reputation. As the algorithm works, pages that attract maximum visitors would experience incessant flow of spammers. Webmaster trying to get rid of negative comments on their website might take longer days to erase all the negative comment.

Well! As of now Google Sidewiki will go off the air on 5th December 2011.  I doubt Google’s reputation as the king on the Internet, this latest development only reiterate that they have failed products, and the latest is Google Sidewiki.

Author: Jayan CM

Business Writer, Content writer, Technical writer