Facebook, the trust factor

I got a friend request from a total stranger on Facebook last week. The only thing we had in common was mutual friends. As always I declined that request. But then why would anybody send friend request to people they don’t know, strange but that’s what Social networking is all about. To my surprise I saw my colleague accepting this request from the same person. I then wondered if I had gone overboard by declining a request from somebody with potential caliber? I enquired with my friend and he had not clue; he accepted the request only because there were few friends in mutual circle.

I later learned that Facebook is sending friend requests automatically without users’ consent. I thought Facebook is a great place to be in touch with friends and it contributes to web searches. But if it is going to ask me to add people I never want to, I might then have second thoughts. This latest glitch has already earned the wrath of users from across the world.

Facebook on the other hand has stated that this latest development has nothing to do with their official feature. They suggest that some rogue Facebook applications could be responsible for this, The Herald Sun reports.

Isn’t it that Facebook is one such online brand that everyone trusts and the reason why users enter their personal details.  It’s so vague to believe that anyone can develop a Facebook application and Facebook never bothers to check the authenticity. Maybe the level of trust Facebook enjoys, that users end up giving access to their account to such third party applications.

ReputationManagementFor.com – Every brand to survive needs that driving force called trust and you cannot qualify by overlooking any factor that leads to trust deficit. Today the pressure is on the companies to maintain that faith with every association they make- business or social; it should be imperative for any organization. So, what’s taking Facebook so long to set things right before such Applications eat up their reputation?

Author: Jayan CM

Business Writer, Content writer, Technical writer