Anthony Weiner Lewd photo – Twitter stardom gone sour

Rep. Anthony Weiner was only a few days ago a Twitter celebrity  with a large following and also listed in Time Magazine’s top 140 Tweeps to follow. Politicians who do well on Twitter are rare and Weiner sure had his moments, he’s funny and is not afraid to speak his mind.

Anthony Weiner is of course now embroiled in a controversy.  His twitter account sent a lewd photo to a Seattle college student. He then screamed ‘his twitter was hacked’, and later said he cannot be sure if the picture was actually his. Democrats, Weiner’s party backers, have distanced themselves from him and comedians are having a field day punning his name.

“I can’t say with certitude,” … “My system was hacked. Pictures can be manipulated.”

Weiner on reputation damage control mode made quite a few errors…

1. He has not reported the hacking and that has not helped. This suggests that perhaps he did send the photo himself.

2. He tried taking ownership of the picture.

3. He deleted the photo and the Yfrog account and  stopped following the recipient etc. Again very suspicious.

4. He kept talking about it, made a quip tweet soon after,  tweeted about live tweeting a game with the time included, etc and this created the buzz he did not need.

5. He finally stopped talking about it and now people want the dirt.

Meanwhile, the college student claims to have lost all her reputation and now says the photo was meant for a porn star.  ‘Weinergate’ as its being called is a great example of how not to go about doing social networking.  This case yet again highlights how the US politicians get skewered for every improper thing they do while the likes of Berlusconi enjoy or enjoyed popularity just for their shenanigans.

10 things to not share on Facebook and Twitter is a post we did earlier and Anthony Weiner shared something we listed modestly as ‘ludicrous’.  😉