Removing Bad Press The Steps

Removing bad press from the Internet can be a challenge.  The first rule is not to reply to the comments or forum directly as this is often like poring petrol on the fire.

Here are our steps to trying to remove bad press from the Internet.

  • Search on a whois software to find out who owns the domain, here are some suggested sites to use.
    See if they have a procedure for removing a comment or thread
  • Contact the site owner directly using the your own email, make sure to include this email is confidential, ask if they can remove the thread.  If the thread is libelous then also mention that you are contacting them first before contact your lawyer.
  • Next step is you can contact their hosting company and also their DNS company, again this information can be found using whoson however if not available you can also ways try an IP lookup and a Reverse IP lookup, complain about abuse from the site.  Sometimes the hosting company can put pressure on the website owner
  • If the above steps don't work, then you can get your lawyer to send a recorded letter to the website owner threatening that you will be taking legal action if they do not remove the comments or discussion thread.
  • If you have a case and the owners are in the same country then you may be able to force them to remove the comments.

However if you feel this is going to happen time and time again, or you don't really have a legal case then the only way to safeguard your name, brand or business is bury the bad press.

We can help protect your reputation online and reduce the likely hood of bad press hurting you.  Get in touch with out dedicated team and discuss your issue in complete confidence.

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