Remove bad press online

Bad News: Prominent negative results appearing when someone searches for your company name

Good news: You can work towards alleviating it (at least it will take them off the first page of search engine indexes).

Negative online publicity or bad press online about your company can be everywhere in the Internet, in places you know and in places you do not. Initially it must have just been a small negative comment which originated, but as the game "Chinese whisper" goes, what is finally over the forum comments, review sites and blogs might be an entirely different story (and mind you, it will definitely not be something you like to hear).
Statistics reveal that over 70 per cent of the so-called "news" is likely to be defamatory (created to taint your company's image to the public) and about 80% of your prospective business partners or clients dig up the Internet to check out your company's profile. And, what if it is the prominently displayed negative results about your company that greet them. Sad!

So how do you work towards removing bad press online, is the next question. Here are a few tips:


  • The easiest way to remove bad press is to "bump it out" of the first page, because research shows that 90% people do not move beyond the first page when they search for something specific.
  • Check out what has happened in the individual case if it is a complaint about your service.
  • Contact the site owner and see if you can get him to remove bad press online. You might not always be lucky here (unless of course the content is detracting). However, give it a try.
  • Surpass the bad press with lots of positive content (ones that you can control)

Whatever be your issue with reputation management (a) be it competitors distributing bad press about your business (b) negative consumer reports about your problems and services or (c) if your company is a victim of bad press in the Internet...We are here to help.


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