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Reputation Management understands the importance of having a positive image online. In today's world where communication is faster and freely available to everyone, it's critical to keep on top of your online reputation.

Each industry brings its own set of challenges and issues from plastic surgeons to politicians, from product launching to charities. Customers and clients can be so easily influenced by what they read whether it's true or not, you only need to see to see how information on a so called authoritative site can be incorrect.

We are very aggressive at fighting negative and incorrect content on the Internet, if you need help with your reputation online then please call us, also check out our reputation management blog:


Why outsource reputation management

The cost to employ our services would normally cost the equivalent of hiring 1 content writer, but instead you get an experienced team to help guide and protect you from the pitfalls of the Internet. It is for this same reason that Heinz Backed Beans don't set up their own supermarket like Tesco or Walmart, it just does not make practical sense. Often we have clients who have tried to handle reputation management in house only to end up making things much worse.

Reputation management should be treated in the same way as branding, you can't necessarily measure the results directly. In a recent listing of the world's best valued brands by Business Week and Interbrand, the report reveals an astonishing impact and influence of brand equity on the market value of a company.

Branding is about the product or services, reputation management is about how you deliver on that promise, one element cannot work without the other. If you spend 1 million dollars on re branding then it it crucial that you also allow a budget to protect it through Online PR.

If you need help with reputation management and crisis marketing then please contact us directly in complete confidence.

Company Reputation Online

In the last 12 months reputation management has really started to become a buzz word on the net, no surprise when everyone is now blogging. Many potential customers, job applicants and investors will now research a company on Google before making a decision. If you are looking to sell your business make sure it's squeaky clean online, otherwise it could cost a lot more. We very much focus on developing a strategy to feed positive content to smother the first few pages and help bury negative results that could be costing your company. Up to 70% of people will click on a negative result if it is just below the company website. We can also help you remove negative incorrect information from websites if its untrue or its libellous slander.

Companies spend years building a reputation so protecting your brand or product is critical, often companies find it difficult to put a price on reputation management. As newspapers decline and bloggers take over it will become more vital to high profile individuals and companies. The question may well be how much people value their online brand? The answer right now? Probably more than the amount of resources they are willing to apply to managing it. It's only when it becomes a real issue and starts costing companies in lost sales and damaging their reputation do they normally come to us. It's much easier and cheaper if you come to us before issues arise, taking a preventive measure will help not only protect your brand but also stop unscrupulous competitors taking your space or even worse, getting negative content high up in the search results.

Celebrity Reputation Online

Celebrity Reputation Management - In the old days celebrities read about themselves in newspapers and magazines, today celebrity stories abound across the web and some of the most popular searches in search engines are for celebrity names. Indeed, some of the fastest moving stories arise around celebrity misdemeanours and misadventures. Every trip and slip of a celebrity is analysed and commented on by an army of consumer reviewers, fans and critics.

Celebrities live and die by their reputation. Schmoozing with journalists used to be all that was needed: today, celebrities need to monitor and engage with stories that appear sometimes out of the blue. Every citizen with a camera is a journalist now and they know how to take a picture and send it to National Enquirer in seconds.

Celebrities need to foster reputation online as much as offline. The need to extend their visibility as well as protect themselves from malicious gossip and pure fabrication. At we understand how to protect your reputation online. We can help defend what is most precious to you: your name and reputation.

Although negative stories can sometimes be a good thing in the press, on the Net they operate completely differently as they do not disappear after day or two. They are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, forever. If you don't bury any negative press, comments online and they show in the first page of Google's results then it's likely to attract even more negative comments. Certainly these stories can have a huge impact on your reputation as they get republished and reviewed until they take on the status of facts. Remember that even journalists use Google and so they pick over the stories as well.

Our role is to monitor and protect your reputation online. We operate damage limitation protocols and protect what is most closest to you, your reputation. We work in partnership with PR companies, celebrity agents, lawyers and attorneys to offer a full service to defend your reputation online. As experts in the online world, we are available to help you build your reputation as well so that people can find out more about you. Together we can help shape the news agenda!

Check out our Reputation Management Blog for all the updated news going on in the industry.

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